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What customers think and write about MOMO ... including a few very bizarre things ... but above all balm for the Momo souls

April 2020

We received a review via Dr. Google, I have to recommend them to everyone. Treat yourself:


<< Very nice health food store with a great bread and pastry counter, which also has hearty foods (fat bag, quiche, etc.) ready. Also great cheese counter and organic butcher's shop.


I had to get used to the rumbling of the employees. I don't like it that much, but there really are worse things. Today I gave myself a jolt and spontaneously pulled back for the first time. That you just tumbled out of my mouth.


Momo is an absolute recommendation - also for those politically somewhat conservative and non-Green voters like me, and those who otherwise find the milieu a bit irritating or annoying. Really nice, courteous and relaxed service and advice. Not one who would like to impose his worldview on you in an exaggerated way.

The Momo sometimes still breathes the spirit of the old FRG or the (lost) hippie movement. So sometimes. Everything is so geared towards peace. At least on the part of the employees.

The customers sometimes seem much less relaxed, although they probably think they are totally relaxed. Some customers seem to have such an unpleasant privilege behavior (because you have to be able to afford organic), which wants to disguise itself as relaxed cosmopolitanism and bourgeois modesty.

To be honest, I would be happy if the socially problematic and "poor" Kevin could also afford bio. But no matter: all in all, it is really a very nice shop. For that one can only say thank you. And: Whenever I leave Momo, I feel a strange peacefulness. >>



Dear Momos, how nice that you exist !!!

"old school health food store" - that's exactly how it is, in fact, many others hardly deserve the name health food store.

From a distance, I am really enthusiastic about your attitude towards maintaining product ranges and sorting out corporate goods. For me, this is a serious responsibility. Just great! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

We wish you a lot of fun and success with your good work and best regards from Lübeck


To all MOMOS!

You should have received this email long ago: Thank you for your daily work, the unique atmosphere in the store and that people love to shop with you! A rocket for MOMO !!!



Hello dear Momos, we have been living in Kassel for two months now and have missed you since the first day and even before that. Your delivery service is VERY practical! We are still looking for alternatives on site, but Momo is simply unique.
Greetings to Bonn from the xxx from Kassel

(that's good, thanks !!!)


Subject: praise and blame

October 16, 2017
Hello Momo team, don't worry, the criticism is extremely small. ;-)
Actually, we (wife, son and myself) wanted to briefly share with you how well your shop is doing us since we finally discovered it. Since the birth of our son at the latest, we have started to think a little more about the origin of our food. Facing this task, we had to learn many different things.
Small excerpt:
- A farm shop is not yet a sustainable business
- An organic supermarket (chain) doesn't really care how far the organic cucumber has flown
- Dioxin is also found in the most beautiful eggs
In short, we have gone through pretty much every fallacy that you can and may take with you when doing research in addition to normal professional life. We probably acted a bit naive in the beginning, no question, but "crazy" are people too! ;-)
Then the day came when we once again visited a farm shop / adventure farm and sent our city child to the others in the hayloft to ventilate. In a brochure I could read that this farm also delivered in the area. Driven by this delightful thought, a transporter could soon also call out “Friiiiiiische eggs and Kaaartoffeln…!” Like in the past when visiting grandma, so I went to the Internet.
From then on, everything went pretty quickly. After looking through the quick information for new customers, I didn't really want to believe what was happening here.
In no time at all, I was also able to find out more from many colorful sources on a wide variety of food-related topics and also quickly realized that the views of your shop overlap with ours.
There was also a lot that I could learn. For example, I didn't know anything about organic palm oil and nasty brown farmers (they're crazy! :-))
The first box was quickly ordered, the SEPA note was handed in in the shop and we were looking forward to receiving the first items.
Who now thinks that everything must be expensive, but he is very wrong! We are now the 4th week, like to fall back on one or the other vegetable / fruit box. We don't buy a lot anymore (that will work out even better over time) and find that the cost of food has not increased because we shop much more consciously. There are no / less drive-by purchases ... I would even say that at the moment we are there with 20 euros less a week. (That will also change when our self-grown stuff soon becomes frozen in time) ;-)
Now you could say that everything is so well explained here, you didn't even have to check it. In fact, I was tempted to do that, but one Sunday morning I couldn't allow the egg app and wanted to know where those giant L-organic eggs come from that we liked so much - only to find out that these things are probably less than 40 km away drove me home ?! - WTF!
Your shop is great, everything is explained in a friendly and detailed manner and in future you will take a lot of time from us that we would otherwise spend with our smartphones in the shop to clarify the origins and back doors of food.
That doesn't mean that you shouldn't pay attention any longer, but in a shop where I come across Demeter products so often I can at least skip my head when work or family would rather make me think of something else. After all, I can be pretty sure that when I urgently need this product, someone has already thought about its origin and cultivation as well as production and weighed the best relationship between the journey and other aspects.
So you give us a piece of quality of life free of charge that even saves us time, time that we get back from the men in the gray suits without them noticing.
You don't advertise enough, we've been looking for you for 5 years!
Best regards and keep it up Nina, Andy and Ben
P.S .: The five-year-old freaks out every Thursday when the "momo box" comes. Our euphoria is apparently so great that it even rubs off on the filius, even if he can only understand a small part of the sustainable relationships.


the independent -> Momo vegetable box test
Hello dear momos,
I finally have to write to you today, even if I unfortunately live far too far away to enjoy your vegetable subscription.
But you are the reason why I still have one now. And because this family business from the small town only 4 km away (small town / large village ...?) Is not quite as professional as you are, I am really happy to at least use your recipes.
This is a really great idea - recipes for the delivered vegetables. I would like to suggest this to my "vegetable box", but I'm afraid that it would overwhelm you. That certainly brings with it some "pressure" to "have to" offer the recipes every week. To be honest, I'd never heard of a vegetable subscription before. But I still don't live behind the moon. :-)
My dad discovered your site on his endless discovery tours on the Internet and told me about it with great enthusiasm. (Unfortunately, unfortunately, he also lives too far (even further than me) away ...)
Then I scoured the internet for vegetable subscription offers in my and his region and found what I was looking for. Now I get my regional vegetables from the Bioland farm around the corner, from which I also get Bioland eggs and my granaries are full of Bioland grains from Bavaria.
I think a vegetable subscription is always a nice surprise. Sometimes so surprising that I don't even know what I got. All of the things that pass you by when you always turn to the special offers in the supermarket ...
Fortunately there is the Internet, and so with a little effort (How do you search for something whose name you don't know? Sure, because I wanted to find out ...) the "What-is-that-then?" identify as pak choi and that's why today there is one of your pak choi recipes. I'm looking forward to it!
Incidentally, this is not the first of your recipes that I cook. I have been delighted with all of them so far! But that's certainly no surprise for you ... :-)

"Unfortunately" your website is so extensive that I will probably never get around to taking a look at everything. Every now and then, when I have a little time, I read something here and there that I always find very interesting and that confirms that it is the right thing to eat vegan. Even if only "moderate" ... The children have their own minds and are not really enthusiastic about it and the double cooking (which I can usually avoid) is quite time-consuming.
For the last six months I have for the most part given up everything animal; every now and then there is milk or cream or egg in the food - on birthdays when I don't want to do without the delicious cakes and tarts. But I can "avoid" meat and sausage, because there is always a salad with the meal. I like to take an extra portion of it.
Unfortunately, the environment is somehow quite intolerant of vegetarians (and even vegans). That's why I prefer to avoid making any statements about it. You’re going to be labeled as a weirdo ... Anyway, I’m doing better than ever. I feel really good and much more energetic than before. I cannot imagine that I am lacking anything - on the contrary, I am definitely getting all the good nutrients that are actually in the food instead of just the poor leftovers (not to mention all that Stuff that you actually don't want to eat) may be in the so-called "groceries" from the supermarket. I used to eat far more one-sidedly from far too much prepared food; Not from ready meals ... But bread with jam for breakfast and in the evening with sausage and cheese, something cooked at lunchtime - and meat of some kind was part of it - and every now and then salad is not exactly the peak of variety and healthy nutrition.
But that's how you "know" it. That's how "everyone" does it. Why should that be unhealthy? After all, that's how we all feed ourselves. And are we all sick ??? And we all have to die sometime anyway. At least you want to have fun beforehand and not have to constantly think about what you can and cannot eat ...
And animal husbandry is cruel? Nonsense. Are only animals ... Hm ...
Rethinking works for some people; late maybe, but not too late. With most of them, however, you somehow offend with your arguments and are allowed to listen to the above replies or, in the best case, you are looked at as funny. That's why I just quietly enjoy feeling really good, because what I eat is good for me and it also gives me a clear conscience.

Thank you for your excellent help with good nutrition that is fun!
Very warm greetings from the country, Sylvia B. / February 2013
Dear Momo people,
we have been regular customers of yours since the very first opening of your health food store. We are happy to be with you. First of all.
The last time I went shopping the day before yesterday, I was served at the checkout by a young lady who had pierced faces all over the place.
I have to admit that I am disgusted with piercing. It hurts my solar plexus, it reminds me of SM practices and abuse.
The get-up of the young lady was clearly that of a very specific scene, which I would also like to be allowed to exist, but which only belongs there.
I don't want to be served by a lady with such an awkward appearance. I want to be pleasant to look at while shopping.
If I see this young lady dressed up like that again in your shop, then I will unfortunately have to go shopping at Alnatura.
Kind regards, Charlotte M., January 2012

Answer: Dear Charlotte, I can only offer that you let another momo serve you,
actually there are always enough momos in the store.
I think every Jeck is different.
As long as there are no hygienic or other, operationally relevant "points of view" against it,
I stand by and behind my employees and allow them to do what they want.
The focus at Momo is on people, also since 1983, and also in the future.
best regards: momo-raoul
Dear Momos,
after two years with your momo box, today we want to say a big thank you to you for the flexibility, the constant new ideas, the improvements and the always creative content of your boxes!

We also have the challenge of dealing with vegetables and fruits that we would otherwise not have come to appreciate very much, but we also enjoy the opportunity to click one or the other out of the box when it's not in ours The menu fits.

And even after such a long time, there is always a bit of Christmas for us and especially for our children on Tuesdays when the momo box is waiting for us in front of the door! For this special thanks to our Momo messenger, who reliably and happily delivers even the heaviest boxes to the door!

So a big thank you and to many more Momo Kisten years!

You still have a lot of vigor, especially against the competitive wind blowing directly in your face ...

Greetings from Endeich send family S. in December 2010
Dear Momos,
First of all, kudos for your great vegetable subscription !!
Since we have received a green surprise box from you every week, our vegetarian menu has grown enormously in variety; because as a creature of habit you tend to buy what you already know. Not so with your subscription, thanks to which completely new taste impressions have been added.
Just a few weeks ago, I would have thought of fennel, for example, and without hesitation voted it to number 1 on your hit list of the most unpopular vegetables.
However, this changed suddenly a few weeks ago when 2 fennel bulbs from the Momo box laughed at me.
Fennel millet with tomatoes and rosemary ... mmmmh, a real treat!
Since then, our cookbook has been opened more and more often to pages that still looked like new even after years ;-)
The second big praise goes to your particularly nice and always friendly driver!
He always delivers the goods on time and reliably and is also kind enough to come across the courtyard and up to the second floor every time, so that I don't have to leave crying babies, barking dogs, pots boiling over, ringing telephones ... to go down.
Thanks a lot for this!
And finally, a little change. We have been getting 6 eggs every week so far, but have found that we are not consuming that amount in the slightest.
In order not to have to eat cakes or omelettes born of necessity every week, we would now like to reduce the delivery quantity.
In the future we would only like 4 eggs instead, and that only every 14 days. Would it be possible?

With this in mind, we wish you all a nice weekend and remain, in joyful anticipation of the next culinary calendar week, with best regards
C. & E. 2007
Hello Raoul,
I'm still happy with you guys. Especially since I've just had dinner.The beans and beetroot were fantastic.
Greetings Johannes
Hello dear momos,
I would like to thank you very much !!! Not only for the great vegetable box with the great recipes, but also for the nice delivery service ...
Happy Holidays to all of you and a happy new year!
Best regards: K.D.
Dear Momos,
relaxing days and a great 2009 !!! Keep everyone healthy, always so kind.
Best wishes for the New Year especially to the momos from the vegetable box.
And thank you for the varied box.
Brigitte P. and Dieter S.
Dear Momo team,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the regular vegetable deliveries. We have been satisfied customers for almost 10 months and look forward to continuing to benefit from the high quality of your products. The vegetable subscription provides us with surprising recipe ideas anew every week and our entire diet has improved thanks to the rich fruit and vegetable offer. Certainly there is no comparably easy way to get yourself a high-quality salad or delicious apples and oranges.
We will continue to promote MOMO in our circle of friends.
Many, many thanks for all deliveries so far and all the best for the months and years to come,
Franziska W. and Alexander P. - February 2009
Dear Momos,
yesterday I got my vegetable box for the first time and just wanted to tell you how excited I am about this great concept and the great implementation! Thanks a lot for this!
Dear Momos,
For a few months now, my family and I have been receiving your vegetable subscription. I had to fight a little for it, but now everyone is excited. I wanted to say that we are totally happy with you; the delivery is always so nice and uncomplicated, we often get vegetables that I have never seen in my life and our menu has expanded wonderfully, I really like your recipes and short texts that keep you up to date . Big respect to your cargo bike and Bernhard, I have often regretted him when he cycles through the streets in pouring rain and every time I see the yellow bike somewhere, I am happy. And finally someone has admired our Easter bunnies on the doorstep; very attentive. Best regards to you, good luck with the move and keep it up. Daniela L.
Feedback on your recipes:
raoul - the recipes are super delicious, always succeed and the design of the infopost is very nice - keep it up !!! S. 11/2007
Merry relaxing holidays and a Happy New Year to the MOMOs !!
Thank you very much for the little Christmas surprise.
For me, the vegetable box is one of the best decisions of the past year. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas! B.P. 12/2007
Hello Raoul,
... I think your vegetable box is basically a great thing (thanks also for the Christmas bag ...) - but now you've sent me another box with lots of things that are not suitable for breastfeeding ...
Occasionally there were individual items, but this time almost the entire box.
Just for fun, I'm going to tell you what was in the box, what is on your own list because of "not quietly":
Boskop (2), clementines (8), oranges (6), kiwi (4), red cabbage, ginger.
I don't want the things and I really don't want to pay for them, sorry.
In addition, you made a mistake with your bill (103.74) anyway and billed me 2x "Momos Kleine", so 10, - € are already charged too much.
Please consider an appropriate reduction - thanks to you!
Since there will be an interruption in delivery due to Christmas / New Year's Eve anyway, I would like to take the opportunity to completely cancel the subscription. Maybe again later ... I would be grateful for a short email - so far it has always worked out great!
I wish you and your team a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
(and no other subscription cancellations ;-)) Best regards - A. 12/2007
unfortunately we couldn't enjoy our salad from the last delivery. It was littered with caterpillar droppings (2 were discovered in the head of lettuce).
However, I would like to take the opportunity to praise the otherwise really flawless goods. The shelf life of the products also shows that they are really fresh. We particularly like the enclosed recipes. So we already had a lot on the table that I would not have bought for sure.
Have a nice day - Petra W. 10/2007
Dear Sirs and Madames,
Your homepage is quite informative, even if the individual categories are barely clear and orthographically, grammatically and stylistically rich in deficiencies.
However, the following passage is really bad: >> Our discount scale depends on sales. That is mean, because whoever has little money pays full price, but this is the only way the capitalist system in which we live works. <<
With these statements about "the capitalist system" (from which you also benefit) you leave no doubt about your opinion about the Federal Republic. Your rhetoric is reminiscent of radical left-wing propaganda directed against the state and suggests that your appreciation of the Freedom and Democratic Basic Order is not far off. In my opinion, this is not only constitutionally questionable, but also simply unnecessary.
Why can't you just turn off such left-leaning statements and concentrate on the organic business you are doing with a lot of commitment? Even when you visit your shop, you often feel disturbed by its badly left-wing "aura" - not to mention the relevant notices and publications / brochures, the content of which sometimes puts a strain on the constitutional boundaries.
Sincerely, P. H.

Answer: Dear Mr. H.,
Thank you very much in advance for your letter, on the one hand it shows an extraordinary openness paired with the concern to convey something to us that no one has dared to say to us in our almost 25-year history. I am also impressed that you took the trouble to write this mail.
I would like to give the following opinion:

Momosite has grown, over the years I was aware of a lack of clarity; a revision of the same is certainly pending, will come and will take time.
The information is in the foreground, as you noted, thank you for that.

I am well aware of my stylistic and grammatical errors, and I regularly attract attention, especially among teachers. I see it as my style that has been positively received by our customers for years.

But I have to contradict the fact that I am attacking the basic order of our state with the sentence I quoted regarding the discount scale.
Rather, it is an apology to the growing number of people belonging to the "lower class" in our society who believe they cannot afford the justifiably more expensive food.
I am well aware of benefiting from the capitalist system. In my eyes, this system is the only functioning social order, at least as far as I know.
For me, however, that does not mean that I cannot criticize them, because that is what makes our democracy unique, being able to express one's opinion and thus initiate changes.
As happened, through the commitment of formerly marginalized groups, natural food has become what it is today. In the past we were dismissed as weirdos, mueslis, hippies, today natural food is an integral part of our society. By resisting conservatism. Is that radical left? Propagandistic?
I am certainly subject to habit-related operational blindness. I don't even see the things that you consider left-wing, left-annoying, please help me on your next visit here in the shop and show me what triggered you. I also use an espresso.

As you can see, by "organic business" we mean more than the sale of organically grown food.
Political backgrounds such as environmental protection, regionality and transport avoidance, seasonality, working conditions, trade relations, packaging avoidance, resource conservation, ... are closely linked to our actions and we see them as part of our responsibility for our society.
We are of course not responsible for the content of various notices on the pin board or in magazines that are there.
We are hardly able to censor what the public seeks there; I rely on the sovereignty of our clientele here to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Greetings & thanks: momoraoul
Dear Momo's!
I subscribed to your vegetable and fruit crate from around November 2006 until our move at the end of March 2007, and we enjoyed it with growing enthusiasm:
Fresh, ripe variety and variety, forgotten taste from the past or simply no huge avocados or apples.
Here in Switzerland (Uster, 15 km from Zurich) I am accordingly very disappointed. I explained to the local health food store Oepfelbaum what a vegetable box is and given your internet address. However, I didn't want to do missionary work. His goods are often bland in taste (fruit is ripe but not sweet, avocados are soft but tasteless and on the edge of floury, Chinese cabbage is "peeled", etc.) In other organic shops, the "dry food" portion predominates and in many cases organic is still equated with grains or is for older people who are looking for food supplements.
There are farms in the area, one of which offers excellent meat, the other grows some vegetables, I haven't found any fruit yet. All in all, tedious and associated with driving.
I orient myself every week on your email to put my box together myself. I hardly succeed. How realistic or utopian is the idea if you exported your concept and adapted it to local conditions? Branch or franchise or development aid ???
Best regards Karin 06/2007
Hello, we would like to cancel our subscription with immediate effect.
- Repeated defects in the quality and freshness of the goods (most important point; most recently: corn, apples, leeks)
- Unfavorable delivery date (Fridays)
- (Feels like) unfavorable composition of the goods
No offense. Greetings S. L. 2007
Dear Momos,
For some time, I don't know exactly, but we have had the vegetable subscription for about 1 1/2 years and also have bread and milk delivered to us on a regular basis. This is a really great service from you!
At some point we switched from the Monday delivery to the Thursday delivery because we wanted milk and bread for dinner for our little son, but the Monday delivery came later. Since we got the box on Thursday, somehow the worm is in there.
At the beginning something was always missing (which of course can understandably happen from time to time), everything was settled. What annoys me, however, is that the box always comes later. Today it was already 8.30 p.m. - then dinner is long over with us and our little man is already in bed. And it wasn't the first time that the box came so late (once it didn't come at all).
That annoys me a lot! And I just wanted to vent my anger a little - if the box comes so late, at least please call and let me know, then we can still go shopping.
But I also very much hope that the times will regulate themselves again - can we expect that in the foreseeable future?
Thank you for your feedback and best regards, Jutta S. 04/2007
" up
Hello Raoul,
Here it is, the promised mail. I am very satisfied with you, and the effort your Momos put into choosing the finest culinary delights, especially with regard to openly requested special requests, is worthwhile.
Because I like it.
Eating and living well is just important to me.
Greetings especially to Tom and Bernhard and have a nice Christmas holiday in advance.
Greetings JR 12/08
Hello momo,
well? Otherwise against commerce and now fully involved? While more and more kindergartens are voting against Sankt Martin against Halloween, because the effort for both is too great. Just because homemade lanterns don't sell as well as complete costumes, does candy or pranks now count as a more convincing educational message than candy for singing?
My Opinion: It's a shame that you let yourself be harnessed to the cart.
Best wishes! Ralle 10/2008 (Subject: Halloween Info)
Dear Momos,
I would like to build a new stable for my old sheep and goat breeds and have to make compensatory plantings. I was looking for the sheep nose because this variety would go well with my Valais black noses and the ragweed sheep and came across your site.
I myself have been growing vegetables according to Bioland guidelines for 25 years, but have not yet received as much information for my customers as you have on your homepage.
I'm enthusiastic about your apple variety list and the recipes, I'll print out the page right away and, especially after looking after the animals, read through your entire homepage.
I think we can only prevail against the supermarkets if we counter with something special and show the customers who is actually doing what here for nature conservation, for the preservation of old plant and animal breeds and who has the information or the knowledge and not, if you just jump on a moving train with the euro symbol in your eyes!
Your homepage is great - I think the rest will also be a pleasure to read! - and I will definitely pass your address on to my customers if they should move to Bonn.
Kind regards, Uschi Börner, 04/2008
Dear Momo team,
My first contact with health food stores was of course the momo store. Many, many years ago. Back then with 2 or 3 shelves and a large armchair. Hold a lot of space. There wasn't so much on offer yet.
I still remember Raoul explaining to me how important and what organic is. That I shouldn't stress myself if it wasn't organic.
But starting with that is important. It took a lot of time for clarification (not only for me :))
It's great that you exist.
Well, especially because Raoul is not entirely innocent of the fact that I did not return to the civil service as a civil servant but resigned after my "maternity leave" and the work I had already started at the Demeterhof Biotopia "officially began."
Well that was a good 22 years ago. Much has changed since then.
But with everything it is and remains important to look, to inquire, to question, to examine and then ... to do with love.
Congratulations dear Momos on your anniversary
Keep it up
Henrike 03/29/2008 (at the age of 25)
Hi your anniversaries, hi Raoul and Uli,
Keep it up, keep it up, please, please. Don't let emails or other "duds" unsettle you or dissuade you from the path.
I admit, I am also quite "adapted", so it is all the more good to read your critical information and to be careful not to become even more adapted yourself.
Unfortunately I cannot cover all of our food and household needs with you, or I would have to raise the budget a lot, but then many other things would no longer be possible, so I try to find a mix.
Apart from that, I find a lot of things really informative, admit that I also have a lot of faith in your letters, because greed for profit is not in the foreground, which is the case with almost all other companies etc. This very often makes me doubt the truthfulness of other publications.
So congratulations and best regards: Margit
Thank you very much for your early actions, which may now bring harvest
congratulations on the survival shop!
woah, what a period of time that with momo
you feel old right away
keep it up, good luck
(He's got shit unfresh vegetables, outright disappointment!)
to all: great that you exist
fat merci c.
Dear Momos,
rather by chance I came across your homepage on the internet and I am thrilled!
I would like to work with you!
Especially since I am you resp.I also got to know your 500m2 organic shop analog when I visited one of your “most affectionate” regular customers in December 2006 - Christel S. from Bonn.
In the 90s I got to know the old "little shop", also on the recommendation of Christel S. - and got inspiration for opening my own organic shop (1998).
If Momo existed in Bielefeld, I would like to be your customer!
Behind your company and the history there are great / weighty values ​​and demands (regionality, no flight goods etc.) and you convey authenticity.
I assume that your customers will appreciate your service and what you offer.
... With sunny greetings from the Teutoburg Forest, between Bielefeld and Detmold, Friederike D.
Hello Momos!
I would like to thank you for all the very interesting tips! You still manage to turn an eco-super ignoramus into an insightful person ...
I suppose there is something in the green box (of which I have been the lucky recipient for a year) that is slowly doing destructive work on the attitude "... and after me the deluge".
Ingeborg M. wishes you a nice weekend 08/2007



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