Which Stephen King book was banned

Stephen King: He wants to ban Donald Trump from going to the cinema

Crazy film ban for Donald Trump. Successful author Stephen King wants to prevent the president from watching his book adaptations after a Twitter dispute

The guerrilla war between Donald Trump (71, "Great Again !: How I will save America") and Stephen King (69, "The Arena") goes into the next round. After the President blocked the writer after a few critical posts on Twitter in June, King retaliated in his own way: "I'm blocking him," It "or" Mr. Mercedes "to look at. No clowns for you, Donald", can be read on his Twitter account.

Remake of "It" in the cinemas

"It" is a remake of King's book of the same name, which is about a terrifying horror clown. "Mr. Mercedes" is a new US series that is also based on a novel by Kings. How exactly the author intends to prevent the presenter from going to the cinema or watching television, however, was left open. Presumably he was more interested in the signal effect.

Twitter dispute between Trump and King

In the past, the successful author repeatedly railed against the US president on Twitter. Sayings like "Trump must be eliminated. Republican, do something about this obscene man", "Trump wasn't exactly good at keeping his promises, but he's a world-class braggart" or "Can we have Obama back? Please," he chirps regularly out into the world. Let's see what Trump's reaction to the film ban will be. In any case, the President vs. King fight should not be over yet.

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