What is a subscription ID

Configure your Azure account

  • Go to the cloud console.
  • Sign in with your Resource Center account. For information about how to create a Resource Center Account, see Create a Resource Center Account.

  • click on New surroundings.
  • Choose the configuration that suits your needs. You can come back later and deploy a new environment with a different configuration.

  • Enter your Azure subscription ID.

    To create a Microsoft Azure account, go to the Azure website.

    You can find the Azure subscription ID in the Azure portal. Choose under All servicesSubscriptions out.

  • click on Configure.

  • Sign in to your Azure account.

    Is there an error?

    If you create a new Azure account and you encounter an error configuring your Azure subscription, create a storage account with a resource group. Instructions on how to do this can be found in this Microsoft manual.

    Once authentication is complete, you will see a popup asking for access to your Azure subscription. Authorization is required to deploy the MicroStrategy platform.

  • click on Accept. You must have global administrator rights to be able to click "Accept".

    The Custom Deployment page in your Azure portal opens. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is used to create the VNet and storage account required to configure and deploy the MicroStrategy platform.

  • On the Custom Deployment page, provide the appropriate information for your ARM deployment.

    • In the "Basics" section, select MicroStrategyOnAzure-eastus2 out.
    • In the “Settings” section, enter the appropriate CIDR and subnet ranges. If you are not sure, accept the default ranges or contact your network administrator.
  • Accept the terms of use and click to buy.
  • In the Azure portal, navigate to the MicroStrategyOnAzure-eastus2 resource group and check the status of your deployment.

  • To review the configuration, return to MicroStrategy Cloud Platform and click Check.