Will Java die out in the future

Fabse wrote:

I thought for a long time too. Do you have any clues other than your own feeling? I think we are in our Java bubble there.
When I look at the US or German Minecraft videos on YT, which make it into the trends, there is often a lot of content a la "I buy X for Y $" or "You don't believe what happened" and no longer "Minigame X" or "Modpack Y". Nothing more with the Java version (at least not recognizable). Even the "role-playing games" of some German YTers cannot now be clearly assigned to the Java Edition.
Almost everyone under the age of 14 that I know in my environment and who play Minecraft does not pay attention to the versions or play Bedrock.

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I would explain, among other things, that the Bedrock does not only run on PC. There are still enough 5/6 graders or older to play Minecraft on the train or bus. That’s the Bedrock version. I can absolutely understand, because the multiplayer is simply better implemented on the Bedrock. You don't have to set up / rent a server and there is cross-play across different devices. In addition, the performance is much better. The Java performance is just a joke (keyword 1.14), I know people who only play Bedrock because the laptop just can't handle Java.
However, Java is then simply much better for the content. It feels like half of the mechanics are missing in the Bedrock, the Redstone works completely differently, and then there are modpacks. It's absolutely ridiculous that I should pay money in the Bedrock for mods, adventure maps and texturepacks when Java 1. is free and 2. is much more. I looked through it and the only known thing I saw there is Lucky Blocks. No trace of other well-known mod names and I'm not even sure whether you can talk about mods or that they are as mini-games as you saw them at Minecon. In addition, the Bedrock just seems to be an injection of money if you can buy any unsightly skins or maps. I actually only use the Bedrock when other people invite me without Java because I've started to hate them for all sorts of things.