What are the biggest skin complaints facing women

This is the biggest skincare mistake women over 40 make

The skin can sometimes be a real diva: Over time it changes increasingly, becomes more demanding and therefore has more and more individual needs. Suddenly the complexion is dependent on certain care substances in order to look young, plump and fresh. Even if we imitate him a little internally and would prefer not to admit that the time has come at some point, that's the way it is From 40 it is particularly important to adapt your care to the skin. Because especially at this age, the natural elasticity of the facial features decreases due to the decreasing hyaluronic acid volume of the skin. Let's not spoil them now, let's provoke wrinkles and a pale complexion. But that's not all! Because you do this mistake in your beauty routine, so even the best care products will bring little. What do you need to look out for at 40 to keep your inner Liz Taylor in check? Of course we will tell you!

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Women over 40 shouldn't make this beauty mistake

In addition to using valuable care products with retinol, hyaluronic acid or collagen, women over 40 should urgently consider something different - namely the order of the products! Because this is just as crucial as the application of the care products itself. Maybe you already know the rough pattern ... In short, the following always applies (and especially in the area of ​​anti-aging): Light textures always belong under heaviness. Otherwise the products cannot work properly. This is due to the fact that light (clear) products are mostly based on water and are so quickly absorbed and work deep into the skin layers. If you mean it too well with the anti-aging and are already happily putting your favorite rich oil or wax-based care cream on your face, this acts as a buffer and prevents wrinkles, dry skin and crow's feet from being optimally counteracted.

You should pay attention to this with mature skin

For ladies over 40: First the daily cleaning and then - we recommend at least once a week - a peeling. This should always be applied to cleansed skin as an additional step. This is followed by deep care and serums and essences are your turn. We love the "Revitalift Filler" serum from L'Oréal Paris (Amazon, approx. 15 euros) and also apply a vitamin C serum such as the La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C Serum (Amazon, approx. 32 euros). Afterwards, decongestant eye care is especially good for sensitive skin in the 40s. For the perfect end provides day or night care, depending on the time of day.

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