Is the photo okay?

Management and backup of photos

We associate many beautiful memories with our pictures. It would be all the more tragic to lose it. This plays an important role, especially with cell phone photos, because the smartphone is a constant companion and could get lost. To prevent data loss, it is important to think about a backup in good time. There are different possibilities for this.

A simple way to back up your data is to burn photos regularly to DVD and store them in a safe place. With the mass of images and the constantly new data, this can quickly become time-consuming and lead to a confusing collection of data carriers. In addition, more and more computers are delivered without optical drives, which can make later use considerably more difficult.

An external hard drive, which is kept up-to-date parallel to the database on the computer, is therefore more suitable. The cloud offers another option for secure backups. Many providers offer free or inexpensive online storage space. For example, if you use Picasa from Google, you can use their Google Photos Internet storage free of charge in unlimited amounts. This type of data backup is currently one of the safest ways and also has the advantage that you can access your images from anywhere.

No matter how you carry out your backup: Make sure that it is regularly kept up to date. You should always save your important data - like your photos - redundantly, i.e. twice. This is the only way to reliably prevent a complete loss.