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Hardcore mode

The Hardcore mode is one of the five game modes integrated in Minecraft, along with survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode and spectator mode. It differs from survival mode only in the following aspects:

  • If the player dies, he can no longer respawn; He can look at the world in spectator mode, but not change it.
  • The level of difficulty is on from the start Heavy set and cannot be changed.
  • One can use the game mode Not change by cheats. However, if you start a LAN game with cheats activated, cheat commands can be used. This includes the order, but it has no effect.

In addition, the hearts of the life display are shown slightly different: They have small eyes with an aggressive look that show the player that he is in hardcore mode (see picture above).

Otherwise, Hardcore mode is identical to Survival mode, so it's about

Game principle [edit]

The constant threat of losing everything that has been achieved through death forces a player in this game mode to be particularly careful and makes it difficult to build a lasting existence. The hardcore mode is therefore well suited for playing styles that are not designed for long-term projects (see e.g. instructions / life as a nomad). Defeating the Ender Dragon as the game objective turns out to be the ultimate challenge here.

Single player [edit]

The world's files exist until the "Clear World" button is clicked after one dies. That leaves open the possibility of saving the world with the help of third-party programs. However, this contradicts the spirit of this mode, as does making copies of the world folder.

Multiplayer [edit]

It is possible to play hardcore on multiplayer servers. Every player who logs into this server is automatically in hardcore mode.
In the event of death, the player will see the "Leave Server" button instead of the usual respawn button. After clicking you will get the message "You have died. Game over." If you try to join the server again, you get the message "You are banned from this server!".
If you open the hardcore mode in the LAN and die yourself as the creator of this world, the entire server will be closed and the world will be deleted.

Death [edit]

If you die in hardcore mode you can choose to return to the main menu or stay in the world in spectator mode. By default, however, no new chunks are generated, the world retains its previous size. This can be changed with the command.

Causes of death [edit]

For a list of causes of death in Survival or Hardcore mode, how they came about and how to avoid these causes of death, see Causes of Death in Hardcore Mode.

For a list of all possible causes of death, see Death.


  • Notch got the idea for this mode from one Minecraft Gameplay blog on the PC Gamer page.[1]
  • When Notch announced the hardcore mode on Twitter, he also posted a picture of "Ultra Hardcore mode" as a joke, in which the player loses his account when he dies.[2]
  • Many Minecraft players already played a form similar to Hardcore mode. They simply erased the world manually after death. This was called "Ironman".
  • By manipulating the game, it is possible to play a hybrid between creative mode and hardcore. The player can fly and has an infinite number of blocks available, but the world is erased on death. This is possible because different variables determine whether the player is playing in creative mode or in hardcore mode.
  • Some players like to play hardcore mode on "superflat" worlds. this will Flatcore Challenge, Superflat Hardcore Challenge or simply Hardcore Challenge called.
  • Another modified version of the hardcore mode, which is often also called "ultra hardcore mode", is to turn off natural regeneration with cheats. So you keep damage until you use items like gold apples or the like that bring about the regeneration effect.

Gallery [edit]

  • The player was kicked by a server.

  • In the world selection menu, "Hardcore mode" is written in red

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History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
Full version 1.0(Beta 1.9-pre2)
  • Hardcore mode added
Full version 1.3
Full version 1.9(15w37a)
  • If you die in hardcore mode, you can now choose to erase the world or stay in the world in spectator mode
Full version 1.15(19w35a)
  • If you die in hardcore mode, you can no longer delete the world directly, instead you just return to the main menu