How can I remember the world map

Your virtual world map

Who does not know the large world map on which the countries of the world visited are marked with flags. After the summer vacation, some have a flag again. Provided, of course, that you have traveled to a new country, otherwise everything stays the same.

If flags are too cumbersome for you or if there is not enough space for a large world map in your home, you will find a virtual world map on the Internet. There you can mark the countries you have visited with a click of the mouse and you have a travel overview on a world map.

This is what my world map looked like in 2009 when I tried the virtual world map for the first time. At that time my card was clearly east-heavy. Visiting large countries such as the USA or, in my case Russia, Mongolia and China, look particularly good on the map :-) According to statistics, I have visited 26 countries or 11% of all countries in the world.

Virtual world map: Mark easily visited countries

Meanwhile, the world map I created looks a little different. Much more countries are marked. But you can also see that I am a repeat offender and I like to visit the same countries more often.

Create Your Own Visited Countries Map

There are now some providers where you can create a virtual world map and also integrate it into your website or blog. Here you can mark yourself which countries you have already visited:

  • The “classic” from Visited Countries.
  • The second map shown is from MapLoco. The world map can also be integrated responsively in webistes.
  • As a smartphone or iPhone app there is e.g. "Visited - Map where I've been"

If you prefer to have a “real” memory of the countries you have visited instead of the virtual world map, then take a look at this special world map *. They are also suitable as a very special gift idea for travelers.

Now I'm curious: What does your personal world map look like?

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