WinZip is free


The classic among packers, WinZip, is now in its seventeenth version and, despite the ever-increasing range of functions, still understands it as easy for the user to compress files, pack them into an archive and encrypt the package with a 128- or 256-bit AES algorithm possible. In addition to the ZIP standard, in whose format the tool can both pack and unpack files, WinZip supports various other archives. Among other things, it reads and extracts archives created by WinRAR and 7-Zip. The integrated preview function also allows users to view the contents of a compressed file before the file is extracted.

Since version 17.5, WinZip has offered the basic functions and JPEG and WAV compression of up to 25 percent, which has been improved since version 12, as well as a direct connection to Box, SkyDrive, Dropbox, CloudMe and Google Drive as well as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Since then, it has also enabled files to be converted into PDF format, files to be protected by means of individual, digital watermarks, and photos to be resized for easier provision. Since the fourteenth version, WinZip has also supported important functions from Windows 7, such as libraries, jump lists, Explorer previews and touchscreen gestures, as well as enhanced security by permanently and irrevocably deleting temporary copies of AES-encrypted files. The ZipSend file transfer service integrated in the tool is also intended to simplify the sending of large files by e-mail.

For those for whom the functions of the standard version are not sufficient, there is also an extended Pro version with which, among other things, automatic backups can be carried out and system administrators can determine during the MSI installation which of the encryption methods supported by WinZip are available to the users stand. In addition, the Pro version offers numerous functions that are primarily intended to simplify the handling of images. For example, WinZip Pro can display photos in ZIP files without extracting them in the internal WinZip image preview, or quickly transfer, rotate, and compress images from supported cameras in the Compress From Camera wizard. WinZip is also available as a Mac version.