When should you stop the startup

Windows Clean up startup and speed up Windows startup


No matter how fast your hard drive is: Windows start is slowed down by automatically loaded programs. We'll show you how to clean up auto-start and speed up your PC.

It is a tear in your hair: You have invested a lot of money in a sinfully expensive and supposedly fast SSD and Windows still needs what feels like ages to start up. The reasons for this can almost always be traced back to programs that start automatically. Countless tools nestle in the background as a background service during the installation, often even without further inquiry. What is quite useful for programs that are used frequently, can add up to the fact that your PC takes longer and longer to start up. If your Windows installation is already a few days under its belt, there are probably already a few programs that load when you start it. Sometimes you may not even notice anything because they are "hiding". Just take a look at the tray area at the bottom right of the taskbar after Windows starts - be sure to click the small arrow to display everything. Every icon you see there is a program that loads with Windows. If you move the mouse over the symbols, you will find out which tools are behind them. Do you really need them all?

The good news: You don't have to uninstall the culprits right away to reduce Windows loading time! With just a few clicks, you can turn off any autostart programs you don't need and ensure that your PC starts up faster. In addition, you relieve the RAM of your PC, so that you benefit from improved performance in everyday life.

Configure autostart programs with the task manager

Under Windows 10 and its direct predecessor Windows 8.1, you can control the programs that Windows starts when Windows starts up via the Task Manager. With just a few clicks you can deactivate the autostart and also check how much an autostart program is slowing down your computer's start.

This is how you do it:

Tame startup programs with autoruns

If the functions of the Task Manager are not enough for you or you are still working with Windows 7, you should take a look at Autoruns throw. The powerful tool from the Systinernals suite developed by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell also lists Windows processes, drivers and other startup objects that the Task Manager excludes. Because of this, you should use caution when using: If you delete the wrong entries, in the worst case scenario, Windows no longer starts properly. But we focus on the safe areas of autoruns: