Elliot Alderson went to college

Robot Chicken

Season 10, episodes 1-20

  • 181. With your head through the fourth wall (Ginger Hill In: Bursting Pipes)

    With season 10, the authors finally bring us brand new episodes of the cult series "Robot Chicken". We learn, among other things, how to defeat the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or where Elliot Alderson from Mr. Robot, Frank Underwood and Jim Halpert are currently. Popeye and his colleagues also appear and Bitch Pudding convinces in "The Maid's Report" as the new maid. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 182. The Flying Fortnite Bus (Bugs Keith In: I Can’t Call Heaven, Doug)

    The authors of the series “Robot Chicken” show us the background of an American children's book classic from the 1950s and explain to us why Harold started to paint with his pen. We also learn more about Ariana Grande. In addition, Winnie the Pooh has to change his diet, while Jerry Seinfeld and the Joker are together in the car and have an explosive conversation. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 183. Like Vader, Like Son (Fila Ogden In: Maggie’s Got A Full Load)

    April O'Neil interviewed Donald Trump about shredding. In addition, viewers will get a first glimpse of a new film in the series “The Fast and the Furious”. Furthermore, the authors of the series "Robot Chicken" reveal to us what happened to Pee-Wee's brightly colored room when he was not home to look for his stolen bike. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 184. The League of Lustful Gentlemen (Hermie Nursery In: Seafood Sensation)

    Princess Leia is thrown into space and returns as Super-Space Leia, while Harry Potter uses the magical power of firearms to bring down Voldemort. In addition, the truth about the Hindenburg disaster in 1937 is revealed and Yogi Bear dies on a mission to save the forests. Last but not least, a musical interlude will please your ears. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 185. Killer Mia! (Garfield Stockman In: A Voice Like Wet Ham)

    Freddy Krueger is getting married and just wants to know the answer to a very simple question: Who is his father? The mammoth Manni drowns Roshan's mother and Bucky Barnes becomes the "Summer Soldier". In addition, the super spies Sam, Alex and Clover violate international law during an espionage mission and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after their mission. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 186. Dead Burgers are sound asleep (Boogie Bardstown In: No Need, I Have Coupons)

    The authors of the series "Robot Chicken" ask themselves how Stretch Armstrong would have fared if he had lived in the Middle Ages. The G.I. Joe team must also recognize that it is not that easy to solve the world's problems. And Gordon Ramsay is visited by some impressive master chefs on his show, including SpongeBob and the head chef from South Park. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 187. I'm the donkey of the world! (Snoopy Camino Lindo In: Quick And Dirty Squirrel Shot)

    Scooby-Doo's friends save Velma from getting cancer. Dracula discovers how to attack someone without gaining access to their house. In addition, the viewers of the series learn what happened on board Noah's Ark back then and will know after the episode that the robbery at an ATM is actually a scene from the new film "Ocean's One". (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 188. The Khan's Latte (Molly Lucero In: Your Friend’s Boob)

    Betty Spaghetty tries her best to save the people who are trapped in an elevator with her. RoboCop has problems with its outdated software that is incompatible with the newer technology. In addition, the authors of "Robot Chicken" find out what happens behind the closed bedroom door of Bert and Ernie. And "Godzilla - The Musical" is coming to Broadway. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 189.Bitch Motel (Spike Fraser In: Should I Happen To Back Into A Horse)

    Through the authors of the series "Robot Chicken" we learn what really happened to Bambi's mother and who the murderer of John F. Kennedy is. Marco, the animorph, is saving the population of the red pandas from extinction and Brainy Smurf was once again banished from Smurfette. Bitch Pudding takes on Norman Bates and tries to find out which of them is crazier. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 190. Hoschis as strong as grenades (Musya Shakhtyorov In: Honeyboogers)

    Indiana Jones takes a drunk Marion on a great adventure. The clone warriors also wonder what it would be like to have sex with each other, and Morpheus teaches Neo all about bitcoins. A cat ruins Ben and Wolfgang's plans to build a UFO, and Superman comes to Earth, only to be left straight away because of climate change. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 191. The mirror of desire (Max Caenen In: Why Would He Know If His Mother’s A Size Queen)

    The mistress of the lake causes Parzival some difficulties when he tries to give her back the legendary sword Excalibur. As it turns out, throwing a sword is a lot harder than you might think. In addition, the makers of Robot Chicken reveal what Dumbledore sees when he looks in the mirror and Professor X reveals how the X-Men discovered their superpowers. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 192. The Jonas Clones (Petless M In: Cars Are Couches Of The Road)

    The creators of the “Robot Chicken” series are investigating what Harry Potter would have looked like as a 1970s sitcom. In addition, the audience learns how Nostradamus ’assistant is doing and one thing is certain: His future is anything but bright! And the Jonas Brothers also make an appearance and find out that they are more than just brothers. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 193. Neo wills know (Buster Olive In: The Monkey Got Closer Overnight)

    Tyrion Lannister demands a "judgment by quiz". While Blade is trying to sell a specific product, the inside-out boy goes to college. In addition, the creators of the series ask themselves what it would look like if the film series "Halloween" met "Kevin - Alone at Home". (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 194. The Robot Chicken Krimidingsbums Christmas Special (Robot Chicken’s Santa’s Dead (Spoiler Alert) Holiday Murder Thing Special)

    A very special Christmas special awaits fans of the “Robot Chicken” series: After Santa Claus was killed on Christmas Eve, Detective Jesus H. Christ has to take over the case and try to find the culprit (s). How reflective can Christmas get under these circumstances? (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 195. I'm Pete (Ghandi Mulholland In: Plastic Doesn’t Get Cancer)

    The good Will Hunting tries his luck as a businessman and believes that he could sell stinky clothes that he gets below market prices for a profit. In addition, the clown Pennywise shows that he has learned a few new moves. And the creators of the series are dedicating themselves to a new edition of the series "Pete & Pete", with a lot more Petes than you could actually use. (Text: TNT Comedy)

  • 196. The play of colors in fire (Gracie Purgatory In: That’s How You Get Hemorrhoids)

    We finally find out what Squidward Tentacles wants to do after finishing his role on SpongeBob SquarePants. Uber has also introduced a new ride-sharing system and the ride could get a little bumpy. And Broadway will never be the same either after Venom has joined the cast of the musical "Hamilton". (Text: TNT Comedy)