How much does it cost to maintain a domain website

How much does a website cost?

As a freelancer for web design, I am often exposed to the situation potential customers to have to explain why professional websites or homepages cost as much (or little) as they cost. Most of the customers can understand my prices because they understand that good work has its price. Others have wishful thinking that high-quality websites can be implemented with minimal financial outlay. But how much does it cost? create a professional homepage allow?

Differences in quality on websites determine prices

I like to compare the creation of websites with living conditions: You can in one detached house Live with a garden and enjoy all the comforts of space and retirement provision. With a Own apartment you usually still have a good investment. Rent one, one gives away money. One lives in one tent, you keep buying a new one and can hardly stand it there in winter.

It's the same with websites:Professional websites are sustainable, optimized and well thought out. The customer gets what he wants. Homepages from the modular system are standardized and therefore allow less individuality. Optimization is difficult, even if advertising likes to say that modular websites are optimized for Google, for example. They are not in the sense that customers actually hope they will.

Cheap sellers are websites not much better: Anyone who peddles dumping prices either no longer needs to earn money or needs customers at all costs. In the end, the customer pays the pricebecause a professional homepage is simply not to be expected at particularly low prices.

What do WordPress websites cost?

In the following Infographic I tried, based on my experience, den rough sequence of a simple WordPress project to sketch. The final price is of course based on Hourly wage of the web developer or web designer. That can be 20 € or 100 €. Vendors who are fresh on the market often have lower prices because they don't have as many customer inquiries yet.

Established professionals set the price higher because their utilization is often more than sufficient and because specialists can usually develop websites much faster. In addition, professional web designers pay attention to subtleties such as security and performance. This means that the customer pays for the experience that had to be laboriously built up over the years.

Danger: the hours listed here are representative of manysimple Websites thatI personally get asked. Not every website is this small (around 10 pages of content). Designs are not always possible in 5 hours, but in this case are based, for example, on an existing theme (here you will find recommendations for very good premium themes). So please don't be too specific.

External costs for e.g. SEO agencies that may accompany the creation of a website or copywriters who are supposed to provide the right content are not listed here and must be calculated separately. Likewise, hours on the part of the client are not included, who in the vast majority of cases naturally has to contribute to the creation of the homepage by providing information and content for the web designer.

To calculate what a website costs, simply multiply the number of hours by a web developer's hourly rate:

  • At an hourly rate of € 40 x 15 hours =>A WordPress website costs 600 €
  • At an hourly rate of € 60 x 15 hours =>A WordPress website costs € 900
  • At 100 € hourly rate x 15 hours =>A WordPress website costs 1500 €

On this page, I have broken down a little more detail about the costs that can be expected with WordPress websites.

What are the costs for content production?

Not everyone can and wants to write or has the time to do so. It is therefore relatively common for external providers to be used to create texts when creating a new website. There are many providers on the market here, I have been working with for years and have always been satisfied. Good copywriters at really good prices (no, there is no quality for 2ct per word) and you only accept what you like.

What about auction platform web developers?

OF COURSE you will find web developers at Freelancermap, myHammer or Projektwerk who will do your web development for 20-30 € squander. But you should think of one thing: How so they offer their services so cheap at? And how can they even earn their living with such dumping prices? And OF COURSE you can also be lucky to find a cheap provider there who does a good job for you. But the risk that you end up having one Switch on the professional who iron out the errors in structure, search engine optimization, security is very high.

In the end, you pay the bill for your new website and you want to be satisfied with the appearance, the speed or the user interface. You want your customers to feel comfortable on your website, just as they might want in your physical store. If you don't want to take any risks here, you switch on the professional at the end of the day Price for a website to pay that too really justified is.

What will a website cost in 2021

Since this article was published in 2015, little has changed in the framework for creating a website. The topic of SSL encryption was already in focus in 2017 and must of course always be taken into account in 2021. Page speed optimization is also becoming more and more of interest for finding offers, because Google simply looks more at it. The mobile index that hovers over everyone makes speed particularly relevant. Those who still rely on lame and non-mobile optimized websites have little chance in the future in direct comparison with optimized websites.

In addition to the price of the web design, a few hours of effort for page speed optimization and an SSL certificate may have to be included. How much is difficult to say and has to be checked on a case-by-case basis. Mobile optimization belongs in every offer of a new website, but is often neglected because customers still don't have that on their radar. It is the task of the web designer to indicate the right direction at an early stage: mobile first.

Website types in the price check

Different website types have different prices. While a simple blog can be set up very quickly, a shop system usually involves a lot of effort. I would like to briefly provide the following typical types of websites with a price that can be expected in any case:

  • Blog: € 800 to € 2000
  • Small company website: € 1200 to € 1800
  • Company website medium: 1800 € to 4000 €
  • Large company website: 4000 € to ~
  • Shop: from 1000 € (plus costs for the actual website)
  • Private website / business card: € 800 to € 2000
  • Microsite / landing page including basic installation: from € 600
  • One-pager: 1200 € to 3000 €
  • Portfolio site: € 1800 to € 3000
  • Club website: 1200 € to 2500 €
  • Doctors website: € 1200 to € 3000
  • etc.

All prices (net) depending on requirements and based on my experience as a WordPress developer. As already written, the price is heavily dependent on the hourly rate and also on the speed of the developer. Hence a rough price range.

Dependence on prices for websites strongly dependent on the system

It makes a big difference whether a content management system is used to create the site or whether it is programmed manually. The CMS used also plays a huge role. It is by no means the case that all CMS are equally comfortable and enable a similarly fast development time. While WordPress is so widespread and is continuously expanding its market share because the development of sites is comparatively easy and fast, you have to put a lot of money down for Typo3 websites and, if necessary, plan more time.

Shop systems are also heavily dependent on the platform. WooCommerce and Shopify are cheap and easy to use, a Magento requires a lot of initial effort and has a very steep and long-lasting learning curve. So here we have to reckon with an incomparable financial outlay. It is best to compare prices from different providers who may work with different systems.

Don't forget maintenance and web hosting costs

A website needs regular maintenance. Nowadays, static websites are rarely created that hardly change and do not require any software updates. Mostly content management systems are used, which of course are further developed by their manufacturers. This is the case with WordPress, for example. An update run of the plugins, themes and WP itself should be inserted at least once a month in order to take the latest features with you, to remain compatible with the plugins and themes and to close potential security gaps. Many website operators shy away from this work and then either have a vulnerable and outdated website in the long term or pay a professional for it.

A maintenance order can cost several hundred euros to thousands. Depending on what and how often should be done. A daily service is of course more expensive than a monthly update run.

I offer my WordPress customers annual maintenance contracts at € 450. The site is updated and checked for potential for improvements in terms of security. As far as I can see, I am on a similar price level with other providers. Thus, a certain amount should be planned into the website budget for maintenance if the maintenance cannot be done internally.

Plus, you still have to keep the running costs of web hosting in mind. Depending on the size of the website, you should always include at least € 10 per month. The cheap providers are not recommended. I've always had very good experiences with HostPress and with All-Inkl.

Website creation abroad - is it worth it?

It can be worthwhile to look for good developers in other countries. Platforms like Fiverr or Upwork allow access to international developers. I have worked with many myself. However, I have to warn: Of course the price is different, but in most cases the quality also suffers. In countries like India or the Philippines there are whole corporations full of developers who do nothing other than program websites for foreign countries. The quality is not priority 1 here, but rather the quantity and a quick delivery of the project. Communication and compliance with deadlines are often also in need of improvement.

That means: You can save money with developers abroad, but only if you are really lucky and get the right person. If you catch the standard, you have to plan a few nerves that you could lose during the development process. And whether the quality is ultimately right is a completely different piece of paper.

I do not want to use this to badmouth the work of foreign colleagues. I myself have colleagues in the Philippines and also in Ukraine, whom I sometimes fall back on because I know that they are much better developers than me. But the search for these developers took me a lot of time. I had to break off many other collaborations with programmers without further ado because I was simply not satisfied.

FAQ - frequently asked questions about website creation

How do you calculate the cost of a website?

The costs for a website depend on many factors: The hourly rate, the number of pages that have to be created, the design, required features, connections to systems such as CRM or merchandise management, etc. The web designer calculates a number of hours based on the exact requirements of the customer and multiplies this with his hourly rate. Alternatively, fixed package prices are also possible.

How much should a website cost at least?

Even small websites can be very expensive, depending on the features and design requirements. But if we are talking about simple websites that come with about 10 pages of content, costs from 800 € gross can be expected. Everything below that is hardly economically viable for a web designer these days. Below this price range, you should at least ask why the offer is so cheap.

How long does it take to create a new website?

The time it takes to create depends on various parameters: the size of the site, the complexity of the design, the availability of both parties for correction runs, etc. It should take at least 4 to 6 weeks to implement a website.

What additional costs do I have to expect as a web designer?

Possible additional costs for new websites would be: Costs for licenses (e.g. plugins, themes, software, Google API, etc. Additional costs are copywriters, graphic designers, SEO support, web hosting and test groups. All these additional costs do not have to occur and are individually different. Only that Web hosting should be a part of every project.

Are there ongoing costs for new websites?

Ongoing costs could be incurred for maintenance. WordPress websites in particular should be maintained, so that a monthly expense of up to € 50 should be included. Hosting costs are also typical ongoing costs. Here, the providers' plans vary between € 1 and a few hundred euros, depending on requirements and traffic expectations. Specialized hosters are usually more expensive than low-cost providers, but offer significantly more performance.

Are there any website cost calculators?

There are, but in my opinion they are often very imprecise because they do not take into account individual needs at all. In order to receive a concrete offer for a new website, a direct exchange with a potential developer should always be sought.

What is the cost of web design?

Depending on individual ideas, specialized web designers or graphic artists can create offers for web design. Nowadays, web design and development often come from a single source, because CMS systems in particular already offer many possible design templates that can be adapted and used directly.



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