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Your human resources are a key success factor for your company. The responsibility of the HR department lies among other things. in the proactive promotion of the corporate philosophy and culture. The tasks of the HR department are very diverse, from recruiting and compliance to promoting employee satisfaction. Use HR BI software to always have a holistic overview of your personnel data.
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As a HR manager, you always need a detailed overview of all relevant personnel data. These include, among other things, key personnel figures that objectively monitor employee performance. For example, track absenteeism, overtime, training and further education costs and employee productivity on dynamic, interactive dashboards. Don't just let your gut instinct guide your personnel decisions and make better, data-based decisions.
Collect and analyze all recruitment data in a single analytics platform with datapine’s Personal BI software in order to optimize your recruitment. Always have everything in view, from the number of applications to the number of interviews conducted and the actual employment. With datapine's innovative HR analytics software, you can create interactive dashboards from different data sources with just a few clicks. Analyze and optimize individual application processes in detail.
Do not neglect the young professionals (talents) in your analyzes. The fight for the best talent ("War for Talents") is currently harder than ever. An effective, well thought-out “talent strategy” is a key factor for a successful future for the company. Use the advantages of professional dashboard software to objectively and easily monitor the effect of your chosen strategies and measures and to share them within the company.
Our last HR Analytics application example clearly summarizes elementary key performance indicators (KPIs) of the workforce. Among other things, the key figures time-to-fill, employee turnover rate, length of service and the number of part-time positions as well as the gender ratio are considered. In general, the potential application possibilities of modern HR analytics software are enormous and we have only presented a small selection. what are you waiting for? Professionalize your HR Analytics with the help of datapine!


HR Analytics software supports the HR department in collecting, monitoring and analyzing relevant personnel data. The aim is to gain actionable insights in order to improve employee satisfaction and performance over the long term.

HR analytics is often referred to as people analytics or workforce analytics. Strictly speaking, these three terms can also be defined differently and differentiated from one another. In corporate practice, however, these are usually used synonymously.

Modern HR analytics software enables you to bring all personal data together in a central analytics platform and to create professional data analyzes and data visualizations there, even without IT knowledge. This is made possible by modern dashboard tools such as datapine, which can be used to create dynamic, interactive dashboards with just a few clicks.


Like any analysis process, HR analyzes can quickly become very complex. However, as already mentioned, modern tools and tools make this process much easier, so that you can focus on the really important tasks: interpreting the data and deriving the implications for action. We now take a look at three advantages of modern HR analytics:

More effective recruitment: Finding and recruiting the right applicant (s) is very demanding nowadays. Thanks to professional HR analytics, you can analyze all existing personnel data in detail and optimize your recruiting processes. Among other things, you can reduce recruiting costs and fill vacancies faster and more effectively.

Increase in employee performance: With the help of professional HR analytics tools, you can keep an eye on all the adjusting screws at all times in order to provide employees with optimal conditions for top professional performance. This includes, among other things, workplace design, the planning of further training and measures to increase employee satisfaction and employee loyalty.

Process automation: The days of endless spreadsheets with confusing numbers, rows and columns as well as manual, error-prone calculations are a thing of the past thanks to professional HR analytics software. With so much data available today, it is of the utmost importance to automate as many tasks as possible and focus on the ones that really matter. Don't waste precious time. Instead, use the advantages of modern KPI dashboards and share valuable insights with just a few clicks!


Compared to other company departments, such as sales or marketing, the HR department was less data-driven in the past. However, with the increasing distribution of easy-to-use BI systems, this has changed significantly in recent years. Because these self-service analytics tools also enable HR managers without in-depth IT knowledge to analyze personal data independently and to make data-driven decisions at any time. Accordingly, HR professionals have to face these challenges and analytical skills are becoming increasingly important.

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Discover the full potential of your HR data

Test our HR BI software free of charge and without obligation!