What kind of company should I study?

Application for a dual study program

Application to the company

Applying directly to the company is probably the most widely used method to get a dual study place: As a first step, many prospective students look for companies that offer the desired degree program in order to complete their training or long-term internship in combination with a degree. You can find dual positions, for example, through ours Study place exchange, but also the websites of the companies or partner universities can be good contact points. To make your research easier for you, we have listed thousands of companies and hundreds of universities that regularly offer dual study programs in the university and company database. You can find even more tips on finding a place to study in our article "How do I find companies and free places?"

Once you have found the company that matches your career aspirations, you apply there with the detailed application documents. To be submitted in the first step

  • a letter of application,
  • CV with professional application photo,
  • Copy of the current school report and
  • other documents attesting to special qualifications (certificates, etc.).

If your written application is well received, you will be invited to a selection process. In large companies, this is often multi-level and consists of a personal interview and a test, for example in the assessment center. The companies try to find the best candidates for the advertised position. So that you can prepare yourself optimally for such a selection process, we have dedicated a separate article to it. You can find detailed information in the article This is how a selection process works.

What do companies pay attention to when applying?

Write to
Your cover letter is the most important document in your application. Here you can put everything that qualifies you for the dual study place on one page. How a cover letter is structured, what you should pay attention to when writing it and an example as a template can be found on the "Write a cover letter" page.

curriculum vitae
Your résumé contains the most important stages in your life. Internships or part-time jobs should not be missing here, because they prove your first contact with working life.

The photo can either be attached to the résumé or separately, for example on the title page of your application. The most important thing is that it was done professionally. And that doesn't include a picture taken by a friend with a good camera. A good application picture should be made in the photo studio with optimal lighting. This is the best way to show off your charisma.

STUDIOLINE PHOTOGRAPHY * is available at 68 locations in Germany. A professional shoot with a digital image is available for 39 euros ⇒ to the website.

* The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such a link and / or conclude a contract, purchase, registration or similar, we will receive a commission.

School report
Good grades are welcomed. Although there is officially no special grade average to be met, most companies prefer applicants who have an average of at least a two before the decimal point. Ideally, you have good grades in the main subjects or the subjects that are relevant to your desired degree program. For example, if you want to study (business) computer science as a dual study, you shouldn't be a failure in math. Anyone striving for logistics or event management scores with good grades in foreign languages, while a good German grade can be important for media and communication courses. There is more information on this in the article "Requirements for a dual study program".

More documents
Certificates and reports that prove special skills are an absolute bonus. For example, if you have a part-time job, get a certificate. A certified student internship or volunteer work are also pluses.

Enrollment in the course is automatic

If you convince the HR managers in the application process, you will receive the training or internship contract and can use it to enroll in the course ("matriculate") at the university or professional academy with which your company has agreed to cooperate. You don't have to go through a further admission procedure at the university. However, there are differences here: Some companies expect you to successfully survive the probationary period of six months before they allow you to start the dual study program. At other companies, the course begins almost at the same time as the training / internship.

Study as practically as possible


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