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K-pop band NCT Dream releases children's song "Dinosaurs A to Z"

The song is part of an informative entertainment series for children.

© Provided by www.musikexpress.de Three members of the K-Pop boy group NCT Dream.

The song is part of an informative entertainment series for children.

The K-Pop boy group NCT Dream has teamed up with the South Korean educational brand “Pinkfong” and released the new children's song “Dinosaurs A to Z”. The singers sing about different types of dinosaurs in the song, which are also shown in an animated video. Incidentally, the team behind the dinosaur song is the same as that responsible for the children's song “Baby Shark”, which went viral in 2016. The video for this now has more than eight billion YouTube views.

NCT Dream, whose first long player HOT SAUCE will be released on May 10th, appear in the video for “Dinosaurs A to Z” as stereotypical safari tourists who introduce different types of dinosaurs alphabetically. Since the video premiered on YouTube on May 5, it has been viewed almost 2.5 million times within two days. The song is also part of a new children's entertainment series that is thematically exclusively dinosaur-themed.

Check out the video for "Dinosaurs A to Z" here:

NCT Dream was created as part of a rotating band concept that was brought to life by the South Korean media company "SM Entertainment". The company originally put NCT Dream together as a teenage act and planned for the group to break up when they reached adulthood. But in April 2020 this plan was rejected. Since then, NCT Dream has existed as a group that has retained the original line-up and its seven members.

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