What are some Google Assistant tricks

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With the Google Assistant, you can find answers to your everyday questions and get things done easily. The Google equivalent of the Siri voice assistant from Apple can make your everyday life easier. You can find out the weather forecast with a simple question, dictate and send a message while driving, or control the TV with the help of other Google devices such as Chromecast. You can tailor the assistant to your needs. We have compiled the most useful settings for you here.

Open the Google Assistant settings

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

The most useful settings


In the tab "Personal data"find the setting"AliasYou can use it to specify how the Google Assistant should address you. You can enter your desired name and listen to the pronunciation. If you have a complicated name that the Assistant does not pronounce correctly, you can pressVoice recording of your name"Speak your name and teach it to the assistant.



In the tab "Assistant"is the setting"languages". There you can choose up to two different languages ​​in which you want to talk to the assistant.

Continuous entertainment

With the setting "Continuous entertainment"in the tab"Assistant"You can specify whether the microphone should be switched on again after an answer has been received. This ensures continuous conversation. If this setting is deactivated, you must tap the microphone symbol on your screen for further questions in order to be able to speak again.


Smart home control

The setting "Smart home control"in the tab"Assistant"is particularly useful if you have several Google devices in your household. You can add new devices and assign them to a room. You can use the Google Assistant to control your home by, for example,"Turn off the TV in the bedroom" say.



With the setting "Processes"which are also in the tab"Assistant"is located, you can regulate your everyday life. Here you can determine what information the Google Assistant should show you when you receive a certain command. For example, the weather report and all appointments for the current day can be displayed if youGood Morning" say.

Ok google

If you are in the "Assistant" under "Assistant devices" on "Smartphone"tap, you can use the voice control"Ok google"set up. Activate"Google Assistant" and "Access with Voice Match"and then say several times"Ok google"so that the assistant can save your voice. After setup, just say"Ok google"and the Assistant is ready to take questions. This works even when your smartphone is locked. You can control the Assistant even if you don't have a hand free.

quick start Guide

  1. Open the Smartphone settings and tap "Google".
  2. Now tap on "Google search, Google Assistant & Google Voice"and then on"Google Assistant".