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Springer-Sachbuch is a guide on how to recognize profiles of evil | Tips for the right way to deal with sadists, perverts and psychopaths | Causes and scientific background explained in an understandable way

Wiesbaden, July 2, 2020

Evil is among us. Evil never sleeps, they say. Sometimes we can't sleep either - is that why we are angry? In the book just published by Springer Profiles of Evil An experienced detective director and a psychotherapist approach people and evil against the background of their different professional experiences, sometimes objectively, sometimes deeply emotional, sometimes very bad, sometimes humorous. But what actually is evil? The definitions are numerous, as the authors Christian and Kerstin Lüdke emphasize. “Evil often occurs in the form of violence - that is, perpetrators on the one hand, victims on the other.” When observing evil people, they have recognized similarities and structures that they present in this book.

They show the dark side of the human being in all its many facets: as grimaces of violence or mental disorders. How can you now recognize an evil person? The authors emphasize that it is important to assess the perpetrator and have a feel for the situation. Your own feelings are the crucial early warning system. “The first impression is often right,” they both are convinced. Often the first abnormalities can already be identified in adolescence: cruelty to animals, unnaturally prolonged bed-wetting at an advanced age and adolescent arson can lead to sadistic killings in adulthood. "But not every boy who exhibits these three behavioral problems becomes a serial killer."

The couple of authors analyze different personality types, the state of the world and how everything works together. At the same time, they show the reader ways to act responsibly and thus improve the world. They offer assistance in dealing with sadists, perverts and psychopaths correctly. It is important to react confidently in dangerous situations. The more people know their mental patterns, the better equipped they are to make fatal wrong decisions. Finally, the book gives tips on what self-defense means and where victims can find help. "What is decisive, however, is that evil will remain, it is part of people."

Dr. Christian Lüdke is clinical hypnotherapist and managing director at Terapon Consulting GmbH.
Dr. Kerstin Lüdke works as a crime director for the police of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Lüdke, Christian | Lüdke, Kerstin
Profiles of Evil
2020, 273 pp.
Softcover € 22.99 (D) | € 23.63 (A) | sFR 25.50 (CH)
ISBN 978-3-658-28435-0
Also available as an eBook

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