Where is Four Loko legal

How many Four Loko cans can you import from the USA?

Hello I keep running into the problem that some sellers think they would not do me well if they sell me an energy drink when I am 16. More and more often I am asked for ID, which of course I have with me. I'm supposed to be 16 already. Once it went so far that a saleswoman in the Tegut strictly refused to hand me a "Red Bull" because I was only 16 and taurine was completely forbidden for minors. Today it was like that again: I went for a walk in the Edeka beverage market, I realized I forgot my ID. I think to myself, well ok then you don't even have to try it with a beer. So I walk right past the shelf and pick up the Red Bull. At the cash register I am asked for my ID. I say I've forgotten him and the seller instructs me that energy drinks should be aged 16 and over because of the taurine and that he shouldn't sell them to me without my ID. On the same day, next door, in the normal Edeka, my "Rockstar Energy Drink" was "taken" from the cash register because I was not 18.

At what age can I buy my energy drink? How is it that some sellers are firmly adhering to an energy ban for minors? Is there such a ban on ALCOHOL-free energy drinks under 16 or 18 years of age at all?

Mfg, MisterWho