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Translation for "our mission" in Italian

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And we can't deny that our broadcast aggravated our problems.
Sad news for sure today our broadcast.
Buonasera. È con la morte nel cuore che vi annuncio le notizie di stasera.
Maggie, no one comes in from the governor's office our broadcast.
Maggie, nessuno dell'ufficio del Governatore parteciperà al programma.
We leave our broadcast The epilogue for a moment.
In 2 hours it will our broadcast recorded.
Either talk about baseball or cancel it our broadcast.
O racconti il ​​baseball o qui possiamo chiudere bottega.
As usual, we finish our broadcast with the "good news".
Okay let's move on because our broadcast is a lot of fun.
What our broadcast What makes it so unique is that it is such a mixed bag.
Good evening to all of you our broadcast follow closely every week!
Buonanotte a tutti coloro che ci ascoltano ogni settimana con grande attenzione.
Our mission came to a violent end.
Hoot, our broadcast is over again.
or delete them our broadcast.
It was impossible to get any information about who was delivering the message to him our broadcast built in helped.
Not siamo riusciti a recuperare information utili su chi l'abbia aiutato a inserire il messaggio nella nostra trasmissione...
Hoot, our broadcast is over again.
Apparently someone is offering us enough material right now to our broadcast to feed them with information and facts.
Perché, a quanto pare qualcuno sembra voler fornire a questa trasmissione che si occupa di cronaca nera,
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