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Vibration-reduced drilling machines

The low-vibration drilling machines from Chicago Pneumatic are ideally suited for the workshop as well as for maintenance.

More comfort and safety are achieved on the one hand by the lightweight composite housing with a sheathed handle, on the other hand by a sensitive start button. In addition, the manufacturers have simplified the operation of the reversing device in terms of ergonomics. Chicago Pneumatic has made a large part of its pneumatic drills just as comfortable: Comparable in power and torque, the total of 13 newly designed models are on average around 5% lighter, quieter and lower in vibration. The manufacturer achieved this primarily by replacing the previous metal with lighter plastic housings.

Typical fields of application

Craftsmen can use the pneumatically driven tools to drill, screw, honk, ream or stir. Depending on the application, you can choose between pistol, stick and angle shapes. All variants are designed to be ergonomically light. Drill chucks for drill hole diameters of 1/4 "(6 mm), 3/8" (10 mm) and ½ "(13 mm) are available for the different, most common applications. "We are thus introducing the world's largest range of composite pneumatic drills for workshops and maintenance workers," says CP spokeswoman Tina Ehrenforst. The tools are as powerful as they are durable. Thanks to their fiber-reinforced plastic housing and a handle coating made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), the machines are more ergonomic to hold than their predecessors and are even easier to operate. The TPE coating dampens vibrations, insulates against the cold and ensures a good grip. "The models are also quieter than the old series and have a concentricity of 0.1 millimeters," says Ehrenforst.


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Chicago Pneumatic in a new design

Chicago Pneumatic offers its drilling machines with different speeds and powers - for simple applications as well as for harder use. Tina Ehrenforst emphasizes that all tools can be used to work precisely even in areas that are difficult to access. The drills are available with quick-release or key-type chucks, as well as with clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation or exclusively clockwise rotation. The manufacturer has also revised the handle design on the models with a pistol grip. Wings on the sides of the case offer additional support and an optimal distribution of force thanks to a better finger position. "On these drilling machines, the start-up can also be easily controlled using the large start button and an improved valve," explains Ehrenforst. The machine variants with angled head, which are particularly suitable for drilling and screwing in tight spaces, are particularly compact. “We have attached a safety starter to these models, which prevents you from being switched on unintentionally,” says the marketing manager, naming another advantage of the series. And the rotary control on those tools that can be switched from clockwise to counterclockwise rotation are now easily accessible on the side. On most earlier models, the regulator was on the back of the drill bit, which is now covered flat with TPE. According to Ehrenforst, this is another plus point on the list for good handling: "This design makes it easier for the operator to build up pressure when drilling," she notes.

The performance increases, the weight decreases

The performance data of the models are between 230 and 460 watts and represent a slightly wider range than the pre-series. For example, the CP 9790 C pistol drill with a 10 mm drill chuck replaces the previous CP 9790. Here, the output has increased from 270 to 360 watts, while the weight has decreased from 1.4 to 1.1 kg, although the tool has been through the higher output has actually become a little longer. The new CP 9285 C, with 460 watts, is one of the most powerful machines in the range and weighs 1.1 kg. The previous model produced just 380 watts with the same weight. Another example is the pistol grip drill CP 9286, which has an additional handle. It is being replaced by the CP 9286 C. At 360 watts, the model is just as powerful as its predecessor (380 watts), but significantly lighter at 1.5 kg (1.8 kg for the predecessor). The sound pressure of this machine has dropped from 90 to 84.2 dB (A). The tried and tested exhaust air routing through the handle, away from the operator, has been retained in all new designs. The models also continue to have a Jacobs industrial drill chuck. "In the future, our customers should benefit from more ergonomics, greater safety, less weight and more precise operation," summarizes Ehrenforst. "The proven properties of our drilling machines, such as high performance and durability, are retained."


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