How do I get over them 2

Despite therapy, I can't get over her

Hello, my girlfriend broke up with me almost 3 months ago. We were together for 3.5 years and it wasn't easy. There was a breakup before the last breakup. The separation also came from her at that time. We often argued because she kept devaluing me and myself. She was dissatisfied with my professional situation and our (according to her) lack of "compatibility". At first I wasn't ready for a relationship at all. But she really wanted it and I kind of slipped into it. Over time I developed more and more feelings and it became very important to me. After 2.5 years she cheated on me with a man who was much older than me. They had a brief affair. Somehow I sensed it and brought it up to her. After repeated inquiries, she then confessed. I have forgiven her. It wasn't a question for me because I loved her so much and didn't want to lose her. I also felt guilty for pushing her away so quickly at first. After that we got along very well at first. Better than ever. After a short time, however, it got more difficult again, because she became quite freedom-loving and she disturbed my mistrust. She wasn't ready to do without certain things for my sake in order to rebuild trust. She said that was my job. In between we had a short break from relationships (two weeks), during which I suffered a lot, because I didn't know whether it would be going to happen again. Even after the penultimate separation she came back (after 4 weeks) because she suddenly became jealous. During the breakup, she started meeting new people. Among other things, her new "buddy", with whom she spent a lot of time as a result. But yes only amicably. Then she started meeting strangers over the Internet. All of this bothered me a lot. In addition, we hardly had any S .. When I asked whether she no longer finds me attractive, there was never an answer.

Just always that it's because of our problems. Unfortunately I ran after her insanely. I've listened to and watched so much. Still, we had some special connection in between. I still suffer a lot from the breakup. Don't feel like I can get over it. Even though I do regular therapy, I somehow can't get away from her. I had the hope that it could be something again. Because I am very reflective and have already changed a lot. She would have to do that too, of course. Probably hopeless, because she seems to be enjoying her new free life and the relationship of trust has probably been destroyed anyway. I haven't enjoyed anything since the day they separated, nothing really distracts me. No hobbies (mountains), no conversations, and no other women either. Now I've suffered in the relationship and I still do. Somehow, in spite of everything, she is my great love

Greetings Nic

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