Suck humans as a species

3 tips on how to deal with negative people

However, there are a few rotten people all year round. But what is the best way to deal with this species? And above all: What does life want to tell us when we totally jump on other people's bad moods? A little guiding principle in advance: Nobody dictates how you should feel about a situation.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with external negativity in everyday life:

1. Try not to judge
It's difficult to have compassion for someone you've already made clear judgments about. Therefore, try to think about this person as positively as possible. If you should have negative thoughts, these are also reflected in your body language and by no means go unnoticed.

2. Draw your line
Fortunately, you have the opportunity to set yourself apart. No matter which situation or which person starts to suck your energy, just say "stop" and withdraw a little. Friendly but determined. Visualize a demarcation around you by imagining a bright light.

3. Practice compassion
Compassion is the big word from Buddhism. Try to let your compassion speak. Always make it clear to yourself that the person you are talking to is only looking for love and recognition - like all of us. Send 'love, gratitude & blessings to your energy sucker and feel this relieving feeling a little.

Have fun trying!