Could a human be a Patronus?

Can a Patronus take the form of a dementor?

Reading the previous answers should be possible. Though I believe it would be so rare to survive the killing curse.

There are several answers about the Patronus being the creature he is because it is something that the person has an Affinity with. This does not mean that the wizard / witch must have memories of the dementor, but rather has properties similar to a dementor. If one is to describe a dementor, soulless is a good one. To have less soul, someone would have to make a Horcrux, but with the Horcrux comes less morale for the original soul. If one were able to create a dementia patron, that wizard / witch would most likely have a horcrux. The part that could deny that idea is, "Can someone with less morals create a Patronus at all?"

I think so if they could. If the person did not know their happy memory and then created a Horcrux, they would most likely never be able to create a Patronus. Let's say Ermac the Evil (the only other known person who created a Horcrux) was able to create a Patronus before he made a Horcrux. Chances are it may be a Dementor. Someone used to say that the Death Eaters don't use Expecto Patronum because they don't need it, not that they can't. While it is highly likely that Voldemort isn't lucky enough, that doesn't mean that other wizards / witches with Horcruxes can't. Another who could shoot it down would be: Can a dark wizard or witch use a Patronus? "Again, yes, because Severus Shape, a well-known dark wizard, can. Even when he's on the light side, he still has a hint of dark magic, so dark wizard. And yes, I've seen POTTERMORE say that a dark wizard will summon maggots to eat him / her. But PotterMore is written by fans who interpret films, books and interviews. People screw up and make mistakes. Even when Snape is sorry and is fine, he still has the taint of dark magic. If Shape had no flaw in himself, he most likely would not be able to kill Dumbledore with the killing curse later that year. He also threw the Patronus after casting the killing curse. Dumbledore is supposed to lead Harry into the woods, to get the sword from Gryffindor.

Snape has a dark magical flaw. Snape can use Patronus before killing Dumbledore. Snape can use Patronus after killing Dumbledore.

There is a chance that a dark wizard could create a Dementor Patronus with a Horcrux.



FIN. Makes me think of TCP FIN. I hope it is. I like the way you analyze things, but Severus is not exactly your normal DE and he had a very strong positive emotion, namely love . In other words, he's not a good example of whether a DE could summon a Patronus. Just because he created dark magic and just because he did dark things doesn't mean he's a terrible person. He's a complicated person, but morally good enough for me. Recall that he did not want to kill Dumbledore; it was requested and Dumbledore asked him to go through with it.