Hamas All journalists in Gaza are held hostage

Israel suspects two citizens are being held hostage in Gaza

An Israeli voluntarily crossed the border a year ago. Israel believes he is being held in Gaza against his will.

According to the Defense Ministry, two Israeli citizens have apparently been in the hands of radical Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip for months. The ministry announced on Thursday after the judicial lifting of a news blackout.

According to the information, Abraham Mangisto crossed from the port of Ashkelon on September 7th last year secretly and on his own initiative, the border fortifications to the sealed off Palestinian area on the Mediterranean Sea. The 50-day war between Israel and Hamas ended just under two weeks earlier, killing more than 2,100 Palestinians, as well as 67 soldiers and six civilians on the Israeli side.

In the Gaza Strip, Mangisto is now being held against his will by the radical Islamic Hamas, which controls the area, "according to credible intelligence."

Israeli Arabs in the Gaza Strip

Mangisto, born in 1986, is reported to be a Jew born in Ethiopia who immigrated to Israel. In the same notice, the ministry said that an Israeli Arab was also apparently being held in the Gaza Strip. In this case, it was not specified which organization is suspected to be behind it.

Hamas declined to comment. Israel fears that extremists want to secure the release of Palestinians incarcerated in Israeli prisons. This happened in 2011, when the soldier Gilad Shalit was released after more than five years in captivity in exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinians.

(APA / AFP / Reuters)