What is oil exploration


Definition: what is "exploration"?

"Exploration" means the search for deposits as well as their exploration and exploration in the search for raw materials such as oil, gas or geothermal energy in the earth's crust.

Synonyms for "exploration": Testing, investigation, survey, survey.

In the field of geology EXPLORATION also defined as: "All measures and work for the exploration of deposits and raw material deposits in the earth's crust".

Methods of exploration

The preliminary stage to exploration is the Prospecting. Before the exploration takes place in the mining industry Prospecting. "Prospection" is the search for and exploration of unknown deposits of crude oil, natural gas or geothermal energy using mining and geological processes and methods.

After the identification of deposits within the framework of the Prospecting takes place the exploration through various geophysical, geochemical, paleontological and tectonic methods.

In particular, the exploration geology explores:

  • Natural gas storage facilities
  • Petroleum deposits
  • Geothermal storage facilities
  • Ore deposits

Feasibility studies

Once a deposit has been found, feasibility studies and economic studies must clarify whether and how production of oil, gas and geothermal energy can and should be carried out. External specialists such as "EDPSolutions" are often used to carry out the feasibility studies and profitability studies.

Project management in exploration

Large industrial companies often use external experts as project managers and project supervisors in oil exploration, gas exploration and geothermal exploration.

Exploration well

An exploration well is an exploration well in the search for new oil deposits, natural gas deposits or geothermal energy.

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Exploration Companies

The exploration companies include the large ones Mineral oil companies also numerous Triplet firms and highly specialized Project management service provider.