Why should Trump win in 2020

US election 2020: why Trump MUST win - whom the American media support

Kennedy or Nixon? Clinton or Bush? Trump or Biden?

It has been a tradition in the US for more than 150 years for newspapers to recommend a candidate to their readers before presidential elections!

Almost all of the internationally known brands positioned themselves against Donald Trump this time too. Smaller regional newspapers in particular drum for the incumbent president.

Here you can read an overview with excerpts from the Pro-Trump recommendations!

Hollywood annoy

New York Post: “The question is what matters: words or deeds? The media is immensely fixated on Trump's tweets and never learns the lesson that he is just joking around most of the time.

By supporting him, we focus on his actions and achievements. He kept his promises. Re-electing him is the best choice for the United States. It will also annoy Hollywood. "

Four more years

The Jewish Press: “Neither of us should allow an aversion to a person's temperament to stand in the way of common sense. Four more years! "

For the working class

Washington Examiner: “Trump has helped raise the wages of working class families for more than generations of democratic demagogy - and black and Hispanic workers have benefited most from it.

Trump's manner raises strong doubts, but when conservatives vote they should consider the damage the Democrats openly promise to do to our republic.

Better vice

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "Mr. Biden is too old and frail for the job. There's a realistic chance he won't make it through his term in office. Trump is also old, but makes a more robust impression. With Mike Pence he also has a vice who would be ready to take over.

With Kamala Harris, however, there is not the slightest hint that she would be ready to be a president. "

No mess

Boston Herald: “Despite terrible warnings about World War III, North Korea is tame, Iran has stepped back and ISIS is just a bad memory. Trump's trade wars, which have also been predicted to wreak havoc, have led on favorable terms - and he's cracking down on China's predatory practices.

We support Donald Trump as President. "

Biden ashamed

The Gazette: “Joe Biden offers no improvement in personality or character. The internet has an alarming amount of footage showing Biden inappropriately touching women and girls. He insults women and shames American men whom he thinks are 'fat' and 'old'.

Give your vote to President Donald Trump. Vote for four more years of economic growth, more freedom and an unconventional president. "

Left pressure

Las Vegas Review Journal: “Until recently, Joe Biden couldn't even bring himself to condemn violence, destruction and looting. That should make undecided voters skeptical as to whether Biden can withstand the strong pressure of a left flank that extols diversity but demands conformity and obedience.

President Donald Trump deserves a second term. "