Why do education systems emphasize memorization

What was your history class like?

A recently published study by the Center for Political Education shows that schoolchildren have large gaps in their knowledge of the subject of National Socialism. Previous surveys came to similar results. And this despite the fact that the topic has been an integral part of the curriculum and history has been a compulsory school subject for decades.

Setting a topic and interest

It is clear that the discussion and communication of this, but also other contemporary history topics, depends heavily on the educators. But the motivation and interest of young people also play a role when it comes to learning and memorizing something. This user thinks that history lessons are associated with learning years and names by heart and would like a more comprehensive transfer of knowledge:

This user also remembers his history lesson and the fact that some topics were taught too extensively, others hardly or not at all:

This user explains that some history teachers deliberately did not deal with the subject of National Socialism in the past:

What memories do you have of your history class?

When did you go to school? Which topics were covered, which were left out? Were you satisfied with the lessons or would you have wished for something else? Report in the forum! (mawa, April 21, 2021)