Who is Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka: Trump adviser resigns

Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka has submitted his resignation, reported several US media, citing circles in the White House. After Stephen Bannon, another representative of the nationalist-populist wing is leaving the advisory group of the US President.

According to the New York Times Gorka's resignation was not voluntary. Citing two anonymous White House employees, the newspaper reported that Chief of Staff John Kelly had telegramed that he did not want to keep Gorka busy.

The 46-year-old had mainly dealt with foreign policy and counter-terrorism in the White House. He described himself as the President's National Security Advisor, but was not a member of the National Security Council and had no fixed duties. Born in Britain, he has Hungarian roots and worked for the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in 1998. He was also friends with Stephen Bannon and the author of his right website Breitbart. Gorka is suspected of having links to right-wing extremist groups in Europe, reported the New York Times.

Gorka had recently attracted attention with public statements directed against Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson. He had been on leave for the past two weeks and had not been given any other tasks.

Gorka criticizes the current state of the government

The counselor published a letter of resignation that he wrote to the conservative-libertarian newspaper The Federalist sent. In it he expresses his dissatisfaction with the current state of the government. "To me it is clear that forces that do not make the campaign promise 'Make America Great Again' are currently buoyant in the White House, "he writes." The best and most effective way to support you, Mr. President, is therefore from outside. "

Just a week ago, Trump adviser Carl Icahn resigned due to a conflict of interest.