Are you a fan of Staycations

Staycation: 7 tips for vacationing at home

The term “staycation” is a neologism from the American and is made up of the words “stay” for staying and “vacation” for vacation. So what is meant is a vacation that you spend at home instead of traveling. A staycation therefore sees itself as a journey without having to travel. Quasi: the break on the doorstep.

Why you should plan a staycation

In everyday life we ​​are blind to many things that we pass by on a daily basis. For each of us there are corners of our homeland that we do not know. Or a list of things we always wanted to see.

But: While we are always highly motivated on a city trip to see the coolest neighborhoods, hippest cafés and most exciting museums, most of us tend to postpone activities like these at home. With a staycation, you have the chance to change that.

How to approach your staycation

The first thing you have to do is outsmart yourself and get rid of the thought that a vacation without going isn't a real vacation. Get involved with the project and don't keep it small, but make it big. It's vacation!

You are going on a journey! Finally on the road again! Once you have really received this message, you can start. With seven tips on how to make your Staycation an absolute success.

1. Prepare for the staycation

What do you do first after you've booked your next city trip? Right, you're starting to read yourself. Whether on Instagram or Pinterest, on blogs or in travel guides: You are looking for the coolest hot spots.

But have you ever done that for your own home? The result can be quite exciting, because if you research your home just as intensively as you do a city trip, you are guaranteed to have a long list full of ideas for your stay.

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2. Think outside the box

If you are planning your staycation, then it is best to go where you otherwise never are. Change the district in your city, look for those corners that you know the least or those that you have always wanted to get to know better. It is important that you leave your everyday environment and look outside the box.

3. Treat yourself to something

We all know this feeling: The moment we check into a hotel and enter the room often feels like the starting shot for a vacation. This is exactly what you need with your staycation. Going to a hotel in your own city may sound strange, but it is a great experience.

And since the money for the journey is completely eliminated, you can treat yourself to something. Wherever you stay in a hostel or a cheap middle-class hotel on a city trip, you can now look for a hotel that has been on your bucket list for a long time.

4. Look for the extraordinary

Have you always wanted to try out this one special hotel? Or book one that has something very special to offer: the wellness area in winter, the mega pool in summer? Then go ahead! Look for the extraordinary. Google for the coolest boutique hotels in your area. The most beautiful wellness hotels. Or superlatives that you could enjoy: the hotel with the best view, the highest rooftop bar, the best breakfast.

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When doing your research, first pay attention not to the prices, but to the experiences. If you then have a list of hotels that are eligible, you can check and compare the room prices. Tip: Even expensive hotels lower the prices if you come during the week. So why not tackle the staycation from Sunday to Tuesday instead of Friday to Monday?

5. Break through old patterns

If you treat yourself to a good meal at home, we usually go to the same restaurants. A favorite restaurant is a cool thing, but a staycation is about breaking old patterns and embracing new ideas.

Restaurants that you already know are therefore taboo. The same applies to any other activity that you want to do: Your staycation list should only include things that you don't know - from shopping to museums to nightly bar tours.

6. Let yourself go

On vacation, however, it's not about working off lists, but about relaxing. This also applies to your staycation. You don't feel like running around big? Then treat yourself to time in the hotel and binge-watch your current favorite series. Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary.

Because the fact that you are in the hotel and not at home gives you that holiday feeling. And if you do go out and explore your city from scratch, let yourself be carried away. Stroll through the streets, turn into small alleys and treat yourself to the chance to get lost. Because then you will rediscover your home from a completely new perspective.

7. Fulfill your "old" wishes

Have you always wanted to climb the mountain in front of your city or dive into the swimming lake in the next village? Have a look at the concept store or bookshop that everyone is talking about? Have you dreamed of doing nothing for a day other than hanging out in a wellness area for ages? Or finally to take a closer look at this one sight in your city that you last saw as a child?

Your staycation is also there to fulfill your old wishes. Think about what you always wanted to do, but always put off “because you can do it someday anyway” - and then go out and enjoy the fact that your Staycation shows you a completely new world, even though you are spending your vacation at home instead of traveling.