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"John Wick 4" is coming - and Keanu Reeves wants to shoot "Constantine 2"!

The third "John Wick" chapter starts this Thursday in German cinemas. It is now known how the ultra-brutal action series will continue after that.

The German fans have to wait until Thursday to see Keanu Reeves in his parade role as John Wick slaying half an army of heavily armed thugs. But it's already official: Chapter 3 is followed by 4.

The reason: "John Wick: Kapitel 3" has been running in the USA since May 17th. So successful that the hit man swaps roles again. In the films, John Wick went from hunter to hunted. At the box office, the third part of the action franchise was able to turn the tables again and displaced the Marvel long-running hit “Avengers: Endgame” after weeks from the top of the US box office charts.

Wick will be back!

The success of the Action series speaks for itself. Keanu Reeves is said to slip into the professional killer’s bulletproof bespoke suits even earlier than expected. How The wrap reported, the start date in the USA has already been set on May 21, 2021. Further details are not yet known. But there is nothing to prevent Chad Stahelski from taking another seat in the director's chair.


First indications of "John Wick" spin-off "Ballerina"

Two years ago, the production company Lionsgate announced that there would be a "John Wick" spin-off called "Ballerina". At the center of the plot is an assassin who is out for revenge. Not because of a dead dog, but because of the murder of her family. In "Chapter 3" there are now the first clues: Keanu Reeves meets a ballerina whose arms and back are decorated with tattoos similar to those worn by John Wick himself. Is she the main character in the planned film?

In addition to the planned film, the franchise is also to be expanded to include the TV series "The Continental". The focus of the series is the eponymous hotel chain The Continental, which is a hostel for internationally operating contract killers.

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Is Constantine returning too?

Fans of comic book adaptations should sit up and take notice. In the entertainment magazine's “The Big Ticket” podcast Variety Reeves was asked which of his past roles he would like to revive. The 54-year-old replied: “I've wanted to play John Constantine again for a long time. I just love this world and this character. I just had a lot of fun playing this character. "

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What was “Constantine” about?

As the broken soul savior John Constantine, Reeves roamed the demon-strewn streets of Los Angeles 14 years ago. At his side: the policewoman Angela (Rachel Weisz), who wants to solve the mysterious suicide of her twin sister. Despite reluctance, Constantine embarks on a search for answers and comes across a conspiracy that would mean hell on earth for L.A.

Even if it may only be a pious wish so far, Reeves is not alone in this. Francis Lawrence (“Red Sparrow”), who directed “Constantine” (2005), would also like to bring the chain-smoking demon hunter back to the screen. However, in a rated R version. In other words, it should be an adult movie. Will there actually be a new adaptation of the comic series “Hellblazer”, on which the first film is based? In any case, the fans' hope has awakened Reeves.

Would you watch a second Constantine film?

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