Which companies specialize in the analysis of energy data?

Energy management

Reduce costs:
Energy is getting more and more expensive. Whether in the manufacturing industrial company or in the department store chain with 1000 branches: Alone with an increase in sales, the steadily rising energy costs can no longer be absorbed. And because of chronically empty coffers, the municipalities are also forced to monitor their properties energetically, identify potential for optimization and distribute costs among the users.

Legal requirements:
On April 3, the federal government's new energy efficiency law was passed in the Council of Ministers. This implements the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. This stipulates that energy efficiency must be increased by 1.5 percent per year from 2014 onwards.

As of January 1, 2014, the law requires all energy suppliers to take measures that lead to greater energy efficiency for themselves or their customers.

Large and medium-sized companies (50 or more employees) have the option of introducing an energy management system or an energy audit, which must be carried out every four years. Smaller companies are exempt from obligations, but can voluntarily take advantage of energy-saving advice.

All companies with 20 or more employees must document savings of 0.5% per year, unless the savings target is met collectively for all companies (divided into the ETS and non-ETS sectors).

In accordance with the EU directive, "early actions" (measures that were implemented after 2008 and will take effect until the end of 2020) are credited with 25 percent of the 1.5 percent target. In addition, efficiency measures implemented in 2013 can also be counted towards 2014. This avoids a standstill for efficiency improvements, because otherwise the start of the obligation in 2014 would be awaited.

A final decision to introduce the Energy Efficiency Act in the National Council is foreseeable. So think about the environment and the future now!

Environmental Protection:
“We did not inherit this planet from our ancestors but borrowed it from our children” an Indian wisdom and truth that is better not to be formulated. We are responsible for this planet, for the exploitation of natural resources and for air and water pollution. And regardless of how the required energy is generated, the energy saved is and will remain the most environmentally friendly of all.

Improve your image:
Many companies that offer goods or services do not only see cost savings and environmental protection when introducing an energy management system. They also use their commitment actively to advertise their products. With a steadily increasing energy and thus also environmental awareness of consumers, the proof of the particularly energy-efficient production of the goods becomes an important competitive advantage.