What is the smallest Japanese maple tree

Japanese maple: a colorful eye-catcher in the autumn garden

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The Japanese maple can impress with its particularly colorful foliage in autumn. It is available in different colors and sizes.

Even cloudy autumn days lose their horror on closer inspection, because the leaves of many bushes and trees have changed spectacularly. They shine in the colors red, yellow or orange and make autumn beautifully colorful. The leaves of the Japanese maple change color in a particularly interesting way.

Japanese maple: Compact varieties with a beautiful color

There are sorts of Japanese maple that grow very tall, while others remain compact and reach heights between 1.50 meters and 2 meters. So there is a suitable maple for every garden. There are even special specimens for planting in a tub. A nice variety that does not grow very tall is the Japanese maple "Skeeter's Broom". When fully grown, it grows to about two meters tall and gets bright red autumn leaves. The "Shaina" variety with dark red autumn leaves is even smaller. It comes to a maximum height of around 1.50 meters. The smallest variety among the Japanese maples is called "Katsura". It measures only about 1.20 meters and convinces with bright orange autumn leaves. But there are of course many other impressive varieties.

The choice of location plays a decisive role

Japanese maples are easy to care for and smaller varieties are also suitable for beds and pots.

In order for the Japanese maple to develop well, the right location is also crucial. It is essential to follow the instructions on the plant labels. Maples do not have to be laboriously cut. Just let the Japanese maple grow, then over time it forms a spreading crown that looks just fantastic, especially in autumn.

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