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As soon as you have finished your studies, your career as a psychologist can really start depending on your career aspirations. Ideally, you only apply for a job after completing your master’s degree. The fact that you automatically listen to other people's problems afterwards is more of a myth. After your psychology studies, you must first continue with further training, which can take three to five years before you can call yourself a psychotherapist. As a psychotherapist, you should also choose a specialization. For example, you can train as a child and adolescent therapist or psychological psychotherapist. However, you should not only have the time, but also the financial means to pay for this training. However, this is not your only option to pursue as a psychologist.

Depending on the focus, your psychology career could lead you to hospitals, practices, schools or other social institutions. There you will become a consultant, helper or coach. You can also invest your time in health promotion, for example. You can just as easily go into business and work in advertising agencies or market research institutes. Do you like to have people around you there too? Then HR welcomes you warmly. A psychology degree opens up various career opportunities for you, with the therapist being just one of many.

Of course, the financial matters are not entirely uninteresting either. Because your psychology career can be so different, the salary cannot be determined down to the penny. For example, it makes a difference whether you work in education or in healthcare. It also plays a role whether you are a civil servant and what qualification you have acquired. Your psychology salary as a beginner is 1500 to 3100 euros. If you have decided on the path of the psychotherapist, you can even look forward to a gross starting salary of 2800 to 3800 euros. You are one of the top earners after your psychology studies if you earn around 5500 euros.


If you want to study psychology, it is recommended to aim for a master’s degree. The doctorate, on the other hand, is not the Olympus that every psychology student wants to climb. You can certainly get a doctorate if you want to do research, for example, but it is not a must. It is more likely that you will do additional training as a psychotherapist after your studies or that you will dive straight into professional life. Also, the doctorate in psychology does not have as much effect on your salary as in other courses. Because you only earn ten percent more if you have a doctor in front of your name.


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