What's your first blowjob experience

The first blowjob


am also an inexperienced hen in this field, but just try it and he will like it. Am with my sweetheart for about 3 months he had already had a few girls in bed, and what happened there I would rather not think up or ask him either ..
I have to admit that it took me a long time, or I didn't dare to give him a blow job (very shy) So he is the first one I did that ^^ The first time was a touch, so play around with my mouth a bit down there, but since I was rellatively unsure I quickly got into other things facing. The second time it went better, and it felt like it soon came into my mouth rellatively. He also said yes, gave me the freedom to continue blowing or not, but had the feeling that he wanted to be able to come in my mouth. The whole evening he had a big grin on his face, accompanied by a pleasant grunt I also asked him what he had, he just said "I don't share you with anyone else, everything is mine" and hugged me very tightly, totally sweet
Yes, and the third time I did preparatory work for him, and we continued as normal

So I would say now that he was not necessarily lucky enough to get a blow job with every girl

I like it