What's the best google camera app

Probably the best feature of the Google camera ends up on the cheapest Android phones

Android Go is aimed at particularly cheap and inexpensive Android devices, some of which are also available in retail outlets in this country. Google has adjusted its apps and the operating system to weak hardware. Nevertheless, one would like to be able to offer as many functions as possible on these devices, the probably best innovation of recent times should be available immediately.

HDR could give cameras on cheap smartphones a big advantage

Google's HDR solution has been celebrated for years, it makes photos of the camera hardware even better afterwards. The optimization of the individual pixels brings visible results. HDR optimizes the dynamics of the photos, adjusts light and dark areas of the photos equally.

Of course, Google shows us particularly drastic examples of how much HDR can change a photo:

Now HDR also ends up in the Google camera for devices with Android Go. Two months ago, the night mode was introduced, which is supposed to achieve useful results even with the simplest cameras. Google thus ensures good photos, even if the wallets are smaller.

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