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US elections 2020 - America worries, Donald Trump complains: will the judges Joe Biden's executioner? The 9 most important answers

America worries, Donald Trump complains: will the judges Joe Biden's executioner? The 9 most important answers

Almost 240 million Americans voted. Instead of at the ballot box, the elections could now be decided in the courtroom.

It was seldom so close in American history: Even three days after the elections, it is not definitely clear whether Joe Biden, 77, Donald Trump, 74, will inherit or whether the president will be able to stay. To win, Trump must get the state of Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes). There's no way around it. After a good 90 percent of the votes had been counted, at the time of going to press it was a wafer-thin lead. Trump wants the remaining Pennsylvania ballots to be invalidated by the Supreme Court. The US elections threaten to degenerate into a legal battle. The answers to the nine most important questions.

1) Why does Donald Trump want to turn on the judiciary?

The President speaks openly of election fraud. He claims that all postal ballot papers arriving at the polling offices after election day are invalid and should not be counted. He is wrong about that. Each US state has its own right to vote. In hotly contested Pennsylvania, this clearly states that ballot papers are still valid if they arrive at the polling station up to three days after election day. With more Joe Biden's supporters voting by letter, Trump's lead in Pennsylvania shrinks the longer the count goes on.

2) What exactly are the lawsuits about?

Republicans filed more than 40 lawsuits before election day. They demand that voting by letter be made more difficult and that the counting of votes be limited in time. The Democrats want the opposite. Trump wants to stop the count in Pennsylvania and Michigan. In Wisconsin he even demands a complete recount. Even as a businessman, going to court was part of everyday life for Trump. 1900 times he dragged other people or companies because of disagreements before the judges. Now he wants the Supreme Court to come to his aid as president.

3) Can the Supreme Court just step in?

No. The US highest court only decides on disputes that have previously been heard in other courts. Therefore, Trump has to go through the courts in the states. This is the only way his lawsuits can actually end up in the Supreme Court. Spicy: Trump appointed three of the nine top judges himself.

4) Could Trump recently appointed Judge Amy Barrett help him win?

The Supreme Court currently has a conservative 6 to 3 majority. The Trump appointed judge Amy Barrett started her new job just last week. So far, she has stayed out of all decisions relating to the current elections. It is unclear whether it will do the same with the new lawsuits that are added every day. The most recent rulings of the Supreme Court on questions relating to postal voting deadlines serve as a yardstick. Once the judges voted in favor of the Republicans, twice against them.

5) And Joe Biden, does he run to the judges too?

No. He repeatedly called for patience and for election officials to do their job.

6) What is the truth of Trump's claim that many postal ballot papers are fake?

A study by the Heritage Foundation has shown that forgeries are rare in presidential elections. According to the think tank, just 1285 of the 250 million postal ballot sheets examined were forged in the past 20 years.

7) When else could the Supreme Court come into play?

If both candidates have 269 electors' votes at the end and it is a draw. Then the Supreme Court would have to officially hand over the elections to the House of Representatives. There the election would start all over again. Each state would have one vote. The representatives of each state would have to decide among themselves who the vote of their state goes to.

8) Has the Supreme Court ever played a role in presidential elections?

Yes. In 2000, the Palm Beach District in Florida had the votes re-counted by hand because of problems with the voting machines. The Democrat Al Gore slowly caught up with the Republican George W. Bush. This sued against the recount. The Supreme Court then stopped the recount. On December 12th, 35 days after the election, Bush was proclaimed the winner - with a 537 vote lead in swing state Florida. It was the only time so far that the presidential election has been decided by the Supreme Court.

9) What happens if the judges do not agree with Trump and he still refuses to admit his looming defeat?

That would be a historic moment. One thing is clear: the term of office of a president who has been voted out of office ends at noon on January 20 in the year after he is voted out of office. If Trump actually refused to leave the White House by then, he would have to be kicked out by the Secret Service, the president's security service. Trump himself suggested on various occasions during the election campaign that he would not accept the election result depending on the outcome. Joe Biden told him yesterday on Twitter: "Neither you nor I decide how these elections will turn out, but the American people."