Why did Ike Turner beat Tina Turner

Tina Turner turns 80: how she gave her tragedy a happy ending

You don't always see a person's life marked by numerous blows to the neck. Rock'n'Soul queen Tina Turner should be - at least in the music world - the best example of this. She will be 80 years old on November 26th.

It has become quiet around Tina Turner, who lives with her husband - the 16 years younger music manager Erwin Bach - on Lake Zurich. As of 2013, one of the last great American soul singers still alive hasn't even been American. Tina Turner has Swiss citizenship and gave up her old one. During her "50th Anniversary Tour" at the age of 69, she said goodbye to what shaped her professional life - an iron work discipline that fed the wildness of her stage persona. The most likely last appearance as a singer, a catch-up date in Sheffield, England, took place on May 5, 2009. It was the 90th show of the farewell tour that began in autumn 2008. Tina Turner will be 80 years old on November 26th.

The sheer number of concerts, but also the consequence of the postulated end at the time, is indicative of a singer who is now only a musical on the stages of London and Hamburg and, since November, also on New York's Broadway. Tina Turner, who recently felt much better after a long illness - among other things, she received a donor kidney from her German husband Erwin - co-produced the musical and even helped with the selection of various Tina actresses.

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She told an interviewer for the New York Times, who visited her on Lake Zurich shortly before her 80th birthday, "I've spent my entire career watching women try to be Tina Turner." What sounds like a pithy ego phrase is actually none at all. The Tina Turner mania of her first career took place between 1958 and 1976. The then already well-known songwriter and bandleader Ike Turner had met the then 18-year-old Anna Mae Bullock and made her the background singer of his group Kings of Rhythm. As early as 1960 she became their front woman with a powerful voice. Ike Turner gave Anna Mae her stage name Tina and renamed his band Ike & Tina Turner.

The Ikettes, the first back-up group mentioned by name in the history of rock'n'roll, almost a kind of girl band, should already consist of Tina Turner look and act alikes. So: wild voices and dances like this, unbridled head of hair and the energy of a volcano shortly before its explosion. With excessive endless tours and hits like "A Fool In Love" or "It's Gonna Work Out Fine", Ike & Tina Turner soon became the hottest number in the American R'n'B circus of the 1960s.

After the breakup, she sang at department store openings

With their funky sound and excessive stage shows, Ike & Tina Turner acted on the limit of what the moral aesthetics of the early and mid-60s allowed even black artists. In this energy and daring, especially in Tina Turner's strong voice, lay the fascination of the band, whose namesake had long been a couple in their private lives. A liaison that we now know consisted primarily of great misfortune. Ike Tuner, himself traumatized by the death of his father, who was so injured by a white lynch mob that he later succumbed to the wounds, was a despot and a violent criminal. Not only did he lead his band with a raw zero tolerance mentality, everything also had to be done in his private life exactly the way Ike wanted it to be.

Anyone who did not feel was beaten and imprisoned. Suffering from this was Ike's two sons from a previous relationship that Tina Turner later adopted, a son and another of Tina, whom she had brought from an early affair with a musician. But above all, Tina Turner herself was repeatedly beaten until she was ready for hospital by Ike. The musician from Mississippi, who died in 2007, also struck in the recording studio: Tina Turner sang some of her hits with a broken jaw and her face smeared with blood.

In 1976, when drug addiction repeatedly knocked Ike Turner out, Tina took the opportunity to escape while on tour in Dallas. According to tradition, bleeding and with less than 50 cents in her pocket, she asked for asylum in a hotel in the city. A scene that also appeared in the 1993 biopic Tina - What's Love Got To Do With It, through which Turner and actress Angela Bassett saw another woman trying to be Tina Turner.

Tina Turner herself is said to have seen the film much later. The memories of the 16 horror years with Ike were too painful, but at least all-time hits like the Phil Spector-produced piece "River Deep Mountain High" (1966), "Proud Mary" (1991) and the autobiographical song " Nutbush City Limits "(1973).

The breakup with Ike was followed by another hard time for Tina Turner. The sons initially stayed with him, only a few months later they moved in with their mother, who, however, was only able to support her family with the hardest of efforts. Claims for recourse because of the canceled shows by Ike & Tina Turner and a singer who was approaching 40: Neither of these sounded like good business at the end of the 1970s. Two of Turner's solo albums flopped. During this time she sang in front of a few hundred visitors and at department store openings.

She never wanted to be a sex symbol

After all, her Australian manager Roger Davies had the brilliant idea that led to Tina Turner's second, even bigger career. The cover version of the Al Green song "Let's Stay Together", produced in the frugal synth-electro sounds of the early 80s, but with Turner's irresistible vocal power, was a hit especially in Europe. And it became an argument for the production of a new album in a similar style.

Blues, jazz and soul veteran Tina Turner, socialized in the cotton fields of Tennessee and in the black church choir, was herself rather skeptical about the quality of her new productions. But she was wrong and the comeback album "Private Dancer" (1984) became one of the most successful in pop history. Years of never-ending success followed: Hits without end, Grammys, a film appearance in "Mad Max - Beyond the Thunder Dome" (1985) - the predecessor, "Mad Max II", was one of the singer's declared favorite films - and in 1995 the Accolade for every world star singer, a James Bond theme song called "Goldeneye".

Tina Turner, apparently ageless and later revered more respectfully than disrespectfully as a "rock grandma", had finally turned her fate, which began in 1939 as the unwanted child of a broken relationship in the southern United States, into a triumph. She has sold over 180 million records to date. In his private life, Turner found a loving and loyal partner in "her Erwin". In her dark years, but also afterwards, the Buddhist faith gave her hold. Recordings such as the wonderfully sensitive cover version of "Edith And The Kingpin", which she performed in 2008 with Herbie Hancock for his Joni, prove that she is not only the rock'n'Soul tube she was admired for, but also "sorted out" -Mitchell cover album recorded.

Tina Turner has always been perceived as a symbol - and in times of the transfiguration of biopics and musicals it didn't get any better. A flesh-and-blood symbol of sex, strength, self-empowerment, and feminism. In interviews, the diva, who is now 80 years old, made it clear: She doesn't stand for any agenda. Tina Turner always lived a life that was largely free from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or sexual excesses. Above all, she was a discipline monster with a talent for artistic savagery and a great voice that she knew how to use effectively. For a good ten years she has only sung privately. She has kept her positive nature, the ever-present hoarse laugh and the contagious energy that she carried even through the darkest of times. Tina Turner is granted the pension on Lake Zurich. Hardly any woman in show business worked as hard in her life as she did.

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