Why does YouTube buffer so much

Internet YouTube does not load - what to do?


It's annoying: You just want to watch a video on YouTube - and then it just doesn't load properly. Such a problem can be due to various reasons. From YouTube malfunctions to outdated browsers, everything is included. We'll show you what to do in such cases.

YouTube is hanging - this could be the reason:

1. Reboot

A restart is the easiest option should a video on YouTube not load properly. First of all, you can try just relaunching YouTube. If that doesn't work, you should restart the browser you are using. In an emergency, a complete computer restart can also help.

2. Eliminate interference

It can happen from time to time that YouTube or the Google group itself have problems to have. In such a case, the services do not load or load very slowly. Such a mistake can be made through a Malfunction reporting website have it checked. You can check whether there are currently faults on YouTube, for example via allestören.de / stoerung / youtube. If the graph goes up to around 100, YouTube is having a general outage.

Also, you should make sure that the problem is not from Your own internet line caused. For YouTube to run smoothly, your Internet speed at least 6,000 kB / s be. In most cases, however, this is the standard nowadays. You can determine how fast your Internet is running with an Internet speed test. If your internet connection is very slow, your Internet provider possibly a glitch. Then it can some time take until you can use YouTube correctly again. If you use WiFi, you should also have your Check WiFi connection. It is possible that your device is having connection problems and that is why your Internet connection is so slow.

3. Updates

Next thing you should check is that the Problem in all browsers occurs. To do this, open a browser other than your standard browser and try to load the video. If the video works in another browser, you should use yours Standard browser an update miss.

4. Fix errors in cookies and cache

Sometimes it can happen that Data are incorrectly stored in the cache. There is also Cookiesthat can lead to YouTube disruptions. To solve this problem, you need to have your Delete cache or your cookies. You can find suitable instructions for Firefox and Google Chrome here:

5. Check the firewall

Another factor can be yours Firewall be. Sometimes this ensures that video elements do not load correctly because they blocked become. When you go through your Router with a firewall are protected, it sometimes collides with the Windows internal firewall. You should then choose one of the two and the turn others off. This will avoid any overlap between the two.

6. Use HTML5

If your YouTube works on its own, but the Videos slow, you can use the HTML5 usage activate on YouTube. To make YouTube work with HTML5 instead of Flash, visit this YouTube website. Here you can set that the video platform should use HTML5. In most cases, however, this is the case already preset.