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HiFi equipment repair by our specialists
MeinMacher: Professional HiFi equipment repair
Are you looking for an experienced technician to repair your hi-fi device? The MeinMacher repair portal offers you a large selection of repair specialists for hi-fi devices. If your hi-fi system, compact system, hi-fi tower or hi-fi component no longer works, you should seek a professional repair service. Most of the time it is just a small defect that can be fixed quickly. To find a technician near you, all you have to do is enter your zip code or your place of residence in the search bar. Find a repair specialist for your hi-fi device too.

Why should I choose to have my HiFi device repaired?
Regardless of whether it is nostalgic or modern, if the hi-fi device is defective, you need a specialist to repair it. Our motto is 'Repairs are worth it!' - because not only the customer is happy when they can save money on a new device, the environment also thanks them if they are not further burdened with electronic waste. In addition, the craft is strengthened through repairs, which in turn can secure jobs. For all these reasons, you should carefully consider whether you should buy a new hi-fi device or rather have the defect repaired.

Which brands / models and defects are repaired?
In general, our technicians repair every brand, every model and every defect. Brands that are most commonly repaired are for example Braun, Grundig, Philips, Onkyo, Sony, Marantz, Denon, Electronics, Kenwood, Teufel, Revox, Panasonic, Pioneer and JVC. But that doesn't mean we don't repair other brands. Every hi-fi device is carefully examined and repaired by specialists - you can rely on us. Defects often occur due to soiling, which is why regular cleaning is advisable. Elkos (electrolytic capacitors) and circuit boards often suffer from wear and tear and can simply break after a certain period of time. For these and many other problems you can contact our technicians, who will be happy to help you and make you a fair offer.

High fidelity or hi-fi
We are surrounded by hi-fi devices every day - the radio in the car, the music system in the apartment or the loudspeakers in caf├ęs and bars. The entertaining value of the hi-fi equipment was quickly discovered and the radio was also facilitated by news and information transmissions. Today the radio is a varied hi-fi device that provides information about important events in the world as well as plays entertaining music. HiFi devices, such as compact systems, are in most cases used for musical entertainment. Even classics like the turntable are becoming more modern again and are even used by DJs.

Repair of audio equipment
The designation Hi-Fi is an abbreviation for High Fidelity and describes a quality standard in sound engineering. As early as 1962, the transition from electrical tube technology to transistor technology took place, with which a new section in entertainment electronics began. Plastic parts are now being used, and the technology has changed the entire design. Nobody wants to do without modern hi-fi devices these days. If your system no longer works, you don't have to go without music for a long time, you can have the compact system, hi-fi system or other hi-fi devices repaired. Whether old hi-fi devices, which are real treasures and arouse emotions, or newer devices; whether MP3 or CD player, record player, loudspeaker, tube amplifier, gramophone, tape recorder or the like. A repair is almost always sensible and is easy on the wallet and the environment.