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Reset Windows 10: This is how it works step by step

Christian Löbering, Panagiotis Kolokythas

Gone are the days of having to do a new or repair installation. Regardless of how and why you have configured your system, Windows 10 can - like Windows 8 - be reset using the standard function. That's how it's done:

EnlargeReset Windows 10: The system offers two levels for this

Instead of starting over from scratch with your system, you can reset it to preserve your documents, photos, videos and other personal files. We explain how this works in option 1.

> Directly to option 2: Reset Windows 10 with the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft> Directly to option 3: Reset Windows 10 to factory settings

Windows 10 license legally available from 35 euros


Windows 10 Pro for 39.99 euros

Option 1: reset Windows 10 and keep your own files

Reset Windows 10 - Settings 1. Reset Windows 10: Open "Start -> Settings -> Update and Security -> Recovery". There click under “Reset this PC” on “Let's go”.

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Case 1: If you still start Windows 10 , you will find the option to refresh the system under "Start -> Settings -> Update and Security -> Recovery". There click under “Reset this PC” on “Let's go”. In the next window select “Keep my files”. After a few seconds, a window appears in which there is again a detailed description of what is to be done during the action:

  • All apps and programs will be deleted (except those preinstalled by the manufacturer)

  • All system settings are reset to the default values

  • Windows will be reinstalled

  • Personal files are retained

With a click on "Reset", Windows 10 is restarted and reset. The process takes a few minutes.
By the way: The installed updates are also removed with this, as with all other methods described here.

Reset Windows 10 - advanced startup options 1. Reset Windows 10: Start your PC from the Windows stick or DVD to open the advanced start options. There click on "Troubleshoot"

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