How is artificial intelligence used today?

Machines that think for themselves: How does artificial intelligence actually work?

You have probably heard the term "artificial intelligence" several times. It sounds quite adventurous - like science fiction, robots and blockbuster cinema. We explain here that there is a very real branch of science and technology behind it, and where you already come into contact with artificial intelligence everywhere today.

“Artificial intelligence”, or AI for short, are computer programs that imitate human intelligence. The aim is to develop machines that independently solve problems by reacting to their environment. Computer systems should not give a preprogrammed answer to questions, but rather interpret the question themselves and react “intuitively” to it.

Already today, AI has become an indispensable part of many areas of our lives. You too have probably come into contact with artificial intelligence several times without noticing it. Have you ever asked the voice assistant on your smartphone - for example Siri - something? There is AI behind this technology. It is also used in games. For example, you can't just play chess against a human teammate. If nobody wants to play with you, you can also play against a chess computer - and defeating them is not that easy, on the contrary!

And how do the machines do it?

Artificial intelligence works with "artificial neural networks": These are programs that imitate the way the brain works.

So-called neurons connect the nerve cells in the human body. Everyone has an incredible number of neurons - around 20 billion, which are connected to one another in many places. These connections are called synapses and they form a very complex network. This is how the brain processes information and enables you to learn, for example. In theory, your brain is much more powerful than any computer - but quite slow in comparison.

Computers simulate this information processing of the brain through artificial neural networks. Information is entered as input on the one hand, processed and the result is output on the other hand as output. Such systems are made up of so-called algorithms. Behind this technical term hides a sequence of different rules in computer language for solving tasks.

Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry

Research into AI is also being carried out in the automotive industry, because it is an essential component of future mobility. The latest car models are already equipped with artificial intelligence. Many assistance systems, for example the parking assistant, work in this way. Great progress is being made in research in the field of image understanding. Assistance systems recognize cyclists and pedestrians even when the road is wet and reflective.

The future is not just about self-driving cars, but intelligent vehicles that learn by yourself so that you can be even safer and more comfortable on the road in the future.

Post image: Pixabay

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