Why is beef steak unhealthy

Why you should fry your steak medium


If a steak is medium fried, it is healthier than through

We like to let a delicious steak melt in the mouth. But how we eat it is up to you: Some like it well done, others medium and some love the English version - almost raw.

There are good and bad arguments for every type of preparation - however, the most important arguments in favor of NOT opting for the completely cooked variant. Is this steakto Once done, it quickly becomes tough ("tastes like a leather shoe") and is even harmful to health, as a US study by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York City) has now proven.

If you like your Fry the steak medium, on the other hand, it is less harmful.

If the steak is fried too hot, the so-called glycotoxin is produced, which can damage the brain and cause diseases such as Alzheimer's. The same substance is also suspected to be responsible for diabetes and obesity. The reason for this effect: Glycotoxins accumulate in the tissue and thereby inhibit cell division - especially in the brain cells.

As early as 1999, another study was able to link the number of colon cancer cases to well-cooked meat.

So: Fry the steak medium - then it sizzles for a shorter time in the pan and hardly produces any glycotoxin.