Where did Batman learn Kryptonian

Why does the genetically modified kryptonian spaceship not distinguish a kryptonian from a human?

The prequel comic for Man of Steel informs us that the Kryptonian Scout Ship (the one at the crash site in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) was originally an exploration and terraforming ship run by Captain Kara-El and her crew was controlled. An unknown criminal named Dev-Em had stowed on board and compromised the ship's internal system while the crew was hypersleep. Apparently at this point a handprint was all that was required to gain access to "everything".

Over the next decade, if other security features (biometric or otherwise) were in place, it is likely that Dev-em would have systematically removed them and the ship would be completely vulnerable to Luther's cunning 20,000 years later.

The fact that "Zod" is able to add another administrative level user, by simply asking the computer to implies that the safety of the ship has been completely compromised in a way that was never intended.

Also note that the ship's AI can be justified . That in itself is a massive security flaw ...

Ship:The Council of Krypton has decided that no one will ever bring back to life a deformity so hateful to the sighted memory.Desecration without a name.

Lex:And where is the advice from Krypton?

Ship:Destroyed sir

Lex:Then go on.

Ship:Very good.


Basically, a single Kryptonian SysAdmin could have prevented all events in the film.


@Liesmith - yes, pretty much. If we have learned anything from these films, then Kryptonian Infosec is real very very crappy.