How does a BPD feel the world



How did cities sound at the beginning of the 20th century? How was and is politics made with sounds? Which hits have immortalized in our acoustic memory? Which melodies determine the self-image of people, groups and nations? The book traces all the acoustic evidence that shaped the 20th century.

We gain a large part of our orientation in the world through hearing. The ear primarily picks up the emotional aspect of information. Some sounds are stored in the subconscious for life. Sounds can be places of remembrance and create identity. Music can stir up and excite. In 100 contributions, noises, tones and voices, the sound of the 20th century, are reconstructed and analyzed: the sound and noise changes in public space, the various recording media and sound carriers, jingles and soundtracks in radio, film and television, reports and reports as well musical key works of the modern age and epochal films. The book is accompanied by a DVD with over 80 acoustic testimonies from the 20th and early 21st centuries.

With the unchanged new edition, the "Sound of the Century" now as hardcover.

Danger! You need a PC to play the DVD enclosed with the book.

System requirements: Windows from version 7, with Windows Media Player from version 9, Mac OS from 10.5.8, and Adobe Acrobat Reader from version 6

Editors: Gerhard Paul, Ralph Schock, pages: 634, date of publication: 2013, unaltered reprint 2017, place of publication: Bonn, order number: 3970