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Metallica: Your 20 Best Songs

The volume control to the stop! The best songs from the Record Store Day ambassadors.
January 1989, MTV turned up to full volume and Metallica's Grammy-winning song "One" was playing - what an experience it was back then. Whenever the double bass drum and the guitar machine gun really got going, your brain just melted away when James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted and Lars Ulrich finally hit it hard with their headbanging, it would be over with civilized sitting in front of the TV anyway. The whole world celebrated Metallica.
But you don't just earn a status as a world band. Metallica had a long way to go. Starting with their early, already classic album trilogy consisting of "Kill 'Em All", "Ride The Lightning" and "Master Of Puppets", through their prestigious headline slot at Glastonbury in 2014, to their chart breaker and self-titled "Black Album" and the rock documentary "Some Kind Of Monster" have done quite a bit for the band. And you can celebrate all of this to the fullest today as ambassadors for Record Store Day.
To get you going for the day when all the vinyl junkies storm the shops, we have the finest songs from Metallica here. Volume up and go!
It would be wrong not to pay a little attention to Metallica's music after the "Black Album". It would also be just as wrong to include several songs from this period on our list. Anyway, here you have it: a single from her album " Load "and the best pop song Metallica have ever written.
"Eye Of The Beholder" begins as one imagines a fight that is about everything. Above all, the radical urge for freedom and justice - characteristic themes of Metallica - is perfectly captured by the song. It is about perspectives and Power and the connection between the two, not forgetting the need for alternatives, and besides, it makes sense.
The previously mentioned radical urge for freedom, which has always characterized the band, is also noticeable on songs such as Disposable Heroes. The jewel of "Master Of Puppets" describes the war and the people for whom there is no way out. You can also imagine this song as the metal counterpart of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Fortunate Son".
Metallica belongs to the metal band elite that knows how to groove and she fully proves it with "Sad But True". This song is aggressive and brutal, but you can also swing along. And this riff and this rhythm beg Almost like being garnished with rap singing, isn't it? In "American Badass" Kid Rock did just that.
One of the best metal songs about lex talionis ever - and that's a serious statement because there are tons of metal songs about lex talionis. Fighting fire with fire may not sound very promising at first (fighting fire with water is certainly a little more sensible), but one must not forget that Metallica does not want to free the world from the flames here, but rather want to confront its enemies with aggressiveness. And if it involves torching everything, then so be it.
"Motorbreath" is one of the best Metal songs ever made about the Metal lifestyle. It's about life in the fast lane, but it's done in a much more extreme way than the Eagles, for example, did The motto: Always go all out.
Metallica had a lot to prove with "... And Justice For All". It was their first album after the death of Cliff Burton and with Jason Newsted as the new bass player. The strong opener "Blackened" left no doubt: a booming intro, that quickly turns into a song about a totally flared earth - Metallica were definitely back!
Have crippling nightmares from Hell ever sounded so appealing? Definitely not. Metallica has made the leap from trash metal to mainstream hard rock genre and "Enter Sandman" is the brutal song that got them right there.
Our list would be incomplete if we left out the instrumental songs. Because Metallica have some in their repertoire that are really great - Burton's Kill 'Em All Bass solo, ("Anesthesia") Pulling Teeth and Orion on Master Of Puppets prove that enough. "To Live Is To Die" is correct ingenious - from its classically touched sections with acoustic guitar to its crushing riffs. Well, you hear Hetfield say something for a moment. For us it's still an instrumental song - and what a song.
It's important to remind the youngsters among us of one thing: yes, there were really people in the metal community who called themselves “headbangers” and for a reason. Sometimes it even went so far that some of them suffered a whiplash. And it is precisely these courageous souls that Metallica wrote a song for.
The band always had a soft side and their slow songs were usually at the forefront when it came to the quality of individual songs. "Nothing Else Matters", the wonderful power ballad and third single from the Metallica album is by far one of the best of the ballads. The song is about the outcasts who take the unconventional path and defend it by all means a lot of suffering, but also strength in it. And even if you are a total amateur at playing the guitar: You will get the basic melody of the acoustic guitar - you can trust us.
"Creeping Death" is the penultimate song from "Ride The Lightning" and was written from the perspective of an angel of death. There's nothing more to say about that.
"Jump In The Fire" has a few things in common with the previously mentioned Fight Fire With Fire. But this is about jumping into the fire rather than using it as a weapon. And it seems that there is a lot of enjoyment in this jump.

7. Welcome Home (sanitarium)

A snout that moves you to tears, if you will. "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" from the album "Master Of Puppets" begins with a wonderful guitar part for which the word "great" was invented. This is about a person who is mistakenly labeled as crazy and is being held. What remains for this person is - as is almost common at Metallica - the struggle for freedom.
The acoustic guitar intro here is so damn cool, but also deceptive. Because the calming beauty of "Battery" is not granted to us for long - as if out of nowhere we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a wall of spitting, screaming and electrical filth. A full five minutes of merciless anger. That's exactly how it should be.

5. For Whom The Bell Tolls

It is always a good idea to take inspiration from Ernest Hemingway's books when searching for the title of a song. Just like its namesake, "For Whom The Bell Tolls" is a great meditation on the war. With lyrics like "Blackened roar, massive roar, fills the crumbling sky", Hetfield proved early on that he can tell stories like this few others.
Here we have almost nine minutes of trash par excellence. The guitar in the chorus alone is hard to beat in terms of genius. Sure, the word "genius" has come up a few times on this list - which is simply inevitable when you're dealing with Metallica - but the instrumental part in the middle of "Master Of Puppets" and Hammett's terrific solo are so damn awesome it almost hurts.
No song deals with the themes of loneliness and death as wonderfully as "Fade To Black". With this song you let others understand what exactly is eating you up inside. And if the tears don't come out of your channels when Hetfield reads the lines "Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye “sings, then you're already dead anyway.
"The Four Horsemen" is one of the few songs on "Kill 'Em All" that Dave Mustaine (who was kicked out very early on, but dared to start over with his own pretty good band called Megadeth) co-wrote. It's gorgeously fast, damn precise and the lyrics deal with all of the main themes of Metallica: apocalypse, death, war and fame.
And of course number one is number "One." That's the moment when everything changed, when Metallica stood high on the mighty Metal Olympus and decided to jump into the fire of pop. "One "is a terrific ballad about the horror of war and contains a truly life-changing instrumental interlude that will go down in history as one of the most important moments in heavy metal history. "I cannot live, I cannot die."
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