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Remember the Milk for iOS and Android

Since time is a scarce commodity these days, many people come in handy with an app for organizing their everyday life and leisure time. The Remember the Milk app was designed for these people who have little time but a lot of to-dos.

This app not only reminds you to buy milk, but also to order a present for Mother's Day or to make a dentist appointment. It helps organize tasks by due date, priority, and repetition. Similar to the Things 3 app, tasks can be given colorful tags and task types. The reminders can then be integrated and sent in either Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter or Evernote, as desired.

Another feature of the app are the "Smart Lists" with which tasks can be named according to their respective priority. Examples are “high priority and due this week” or “has already been postponed twice”. In addition, the to-do list can be shared with friends or family to delegate tasks and get them done faster. So nothing will be forgotten!

Remember the Milk is available for free in both popular app stores. The app can also be taken out as a subscription. Here the annual fee is around EUR 35 per year - in view of the many possibilities and features an absolutely justified price.

Source: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/remember-the-milk/id293561396