Who killed Yuyutsu in Mahabharat battle

Who was Vicarna in Mahabharata?

Vikarna was one of the 101 Kauravs, the son of Dhritarastra. His order of birth was as follows:

The Mahabharata, Book 1: Adi Parva: Sambhava Parva: Section CXVII

"Janamejaya said, 'Please recite the names of the sons of Dhritarashtra in the order of their birth.' Vaisampayana said: 'Their names, O King, according to the order of birth are Duryodhana, Yuyutsu, Duhsasana, Duhsaha, Duhsala, Jalasandha, Sama, Saha, Vinda and Anuvinda, Durdharsha, Suvahu, Dushpradharshana, Durmarshana and Durmna and Karna; Vivinsatiarshana and Durmna and Karna; Vicarna, Sala, Satwa, Sulochana, Chitra and Upachitra, Chitraksha, Charuchitra, Sarasana, Durmada and Durvigaha, Vivitsu, Vikatanana; Urnanabha and Sunabha, then Nandaka and Upanandaka; Chitravana, Chitravarman, Suvarman, Durvimochana; Ayovahu, Mahavahu, Chitranga, Chitrakundala, Bhimavega, Bhimavala, Balaki, Balavardhana, Ugrayudha; Bhima, Karna, Kanakaya, Dridhayudha, Dridhavarman, Dridhakshatra, Somakitri, Anudara; Dridhasandha, Jarasandha, Satyasandha, Sada, Suvak, Ugrasravas, Ugrasena, Senani, Dushparajaya, Aparajita, Kundasayin, Visalaksha, Duradhara; Dridhahasta, Suhasta, Vatavega and Suvarchas; Adityaketu, Vahvashin, Nagadatta, Agrayayin; Kavachin, Krathana, Kunda, Kundadhara, Dhanurdhara; the heroes Ugra and Bhimaratha, Viravahu, Alolupa; Abhaya and Raudrakarman and Dridharatha; Anadhrishya, Kundabhedin, Viravi, Dhirghalochana Pramatha and Pramathi and the mighty Dhirgharoma; Dirghavahu, Mahavahu, Vyudhoru, Kanakadhvaja; Kundasi and Virajas. Besides these hundred sons, there was a daughter named Duhsala. All were heroes and atirathas and were well trained in warfare. All were learned in the Vedas and all kinds of weapons. And, O King, worthy women have been chosen by Dhritarashtra after due examination in time for all. And King Dhritarashtra, O monarch, bestowed Jayadratha (the King of Sindhu) also duhsala in due time and with proper rites. '

He tried to stop undressing Draupadi as:

The Mahabharata, Book 2: Sabha Parva: Sisupala-badha Parva: Section LXVI

'Bhima said,' If I had not known, O Dhananjaya, that the King had acted according to the Kshatriya custom, I would have burned her in a blazing fire by pulling his hands together with sheer force. "Vaisampayana continued: -" As Vikarna, the son of Dhritarashtra, saw the Pandavas who were so desperate and so affected the Princess of Panchala too, he said, 'You kings, answer the question Yajnaseni asked.If we fail to judge a matter brought before us, we must certainly all go to hell immediately.How is it that Bhishma and Dhritarashtra, who are both the eldest of the Kurus, as well as the high-souled Vidura, say nothing!The son of Bharadwaja, who is our teacher, as well as Kripa, is here.Why don't these best of the regenerated answer the question?Let these other kings too
Gathered here from all directions, they answer this question according to their judgment, disregarding all motives of gain and anger.You kings, answer the question asked by this blessed daughter of King Drupada, and after reflection, explain which side each of you is on. ' So appealed Vicarna repeated to those who were in this meeting. But these kings did not answer him a word, good or bad. And Vicarna, who had repeatedly appealed to all the kings, began to rub his hands and sighed like a snake. And finally the prince said: “You kings of the earth, you Kauravas, whether you answer this question or not, I will say what I think is just and right. Most important men, it has been said that hunting, drinking, gambling, and taking too much pleasure in women are the four vices of kings. The man who is addicted to it lives and forsakes virtue. And people do not regard the actions of a person who is inappropriately engaged in this way as an authority. This son of Pandu, deeply involved in one of these vicious acts and pressured to do so by fraudulent gamblers, made Draupadi a stake. The innocent Draupadi is also the common wife of all of Pandu's sons. And the king, who lost himself first, offered it as a stake. And Suvala himself, who wanted a stake, actually prevailed against the king to set this Krishna. When I think about all these circumstances, I consider Draupadi not won. "" When I heard these words, there was an uproar among those present at this meeting. And all applauded Vicarna and rebuked the son of Suvala. And at this sound the son of Radha, who was deprived of his senses by anger and waved his shapely arms, said these words: “O Vikarna, in this assembly there are many contrasting and contradicting conditions recognizable. Like fire created by a fagot and consumed by the fagot, your anger will consume you. These personalities here, although urged by Krishna, have not uttered a word. They all consider the daughter of Drupada to be properly won. You alone, oh son of Dhritarashtra, are full of anger as a result of your immature years, for although you are only a boy in the congregation speak as if you were old. Oh younger brother of Duryodhana, you do not know what morality really is because you say like a fool that this Krishna who (rightly) won did not win at all. Oh son of Dhritarashtra, how do you consider Krishna not won when the eldest of the Pandavas took all his possessions before this meeting? O bull of the Bharata race, Draupadi is included in all possessions (of Yudhishthira). Why do you consider Krishna, rightly won, not won? Draupadi was mentioned (by Suvala) and recognized as a stake by the Pandavas. Then why do you still consider them not won? Or, if you think it is an inappropriate act to bring them here in a single piece of cloth, listen to some excellent reasons I will give. Oh son of the Kuru race, the gods ordained only one husband for one wife. However, this Draupadi has many husbands. Hence it is certain that she is an unchaste woman. Bringing her to this meeting even though she is clad in a piece of cloth - even exposing her is not at all an act of surprise. Whatever wealth the Pandavas had - themselves and these Pandavas themselves - all were rightly won by the son of Suvala. O Dussasana, this vicarna who speaks words of (apparent) wisdom is only a boy. Take off the robes of the Pandavas. as well as the clothes of Draupadi. When the Pandavas, O Bharata, heard these words, they took off their robes and threw them down. You sat in this meeting. Then Dussasana, O King, began to forcibly seize Draupadi's clothes in front of everyone's eyes and to pull them off her person. "

He also fought with Arjuna in Virata Goharan Parva:

The Mahabharata, Book 4: Virata Parva: Go-harana Parva: Section LIV

Then as the battle began to rage furiously , approached the Kuru hero Vicarna, who sat on his chariot, the foremost Chariot Warrior Partha, Bhima's younger brother, and showered him with terrible, fat and long ones Arrows . Then cut Arjuna Vicarna's bow with a hard cord and horns covered with gold and cut off his flagpole. And Vikarna, seeing his flagpole cut off, flew quickly away. And after Vicarna's flight, Satruntapa, unable to suppress his anger, began to harass Partha, the enemy of enemies and the performers of superhuman deeds, with a perfect rain of arrows. And drowned, so to speak, in the middle of the Kuru row, Arjuna, pierced by this mighty chariot warrior - King Satruntapa - pierced him in return with five and then killed his chariot driver with ten shafts. and pierced by this bull of the Bharata race with an arrow capable of cleaving the thickest armor, Satruntapa fell dead on the battlefield like a tree from a wind-torn mountain top ...

He was one of the greatest warriors on Kaurav's side when Duryodhan mentions his name in Bhagvad Gita 1.8:

भवान् भीष्मश्च कर्णश्च कृपश्च समितिञ्जय :। अश्वत्थामा विकर्णश्च सौमदत्तिस्तथैव च ।।

There are personalities like you, Bhishma, Karna, Kripa, Asvatthama, Vicarna and the son of Somadatta named Bhurisrava, who are always victorious in battle.

He was killed by Bhima in the battle at Jayadrath Vadh Parva and complains of Vicarna's death as:

The Mahabharata, Book 7: Drona Parva: Jayadratha-Vadha Parva: Section CXXXVI The seven sons of you who were killed in this way were Satrunjaya and Satrusaha and Chitra and Chitrayudha and Dridha and Chitrasena and Vicarna. Among all your sons so killed, Vrikodara, the son of Pandu, grieved bitterly for Vikarna, who was dear to him. And Bhima said: “So was my vow, namely that you should all be killed by me in battle.For this, O Vicarna, you were killed.My vow has been fulfilled.O hero, you come into battle thinking of the duties of a kshatriya.You have always been preoccupied with our good, especially that of the king (our oldest brother).It is hardly appropriate, therefore, for me to mourn your famous self. '

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Brilliant, so it was mentioned by Krishna and praised by Bhima, must really be something.

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In addition, "mounted on his car" was funny, we need better translations, looks like from a Christian side ... unfortunately Indians do not allow themselves translations.


@Amit Saxena In the above context, Krishna is Draupadi ... It is actually कृष्णा (Krishnaa) another name of Draupadi ...

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No, no, I mentioned the Gita reference :) Although I'm not sure if Krishna said that or Arjuna.


@Amit Saxena the refresher is: Translated into English prose from the original Sanskrit text by Kisari Mohan Ganguli