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And how we hate

Interview with Lydia Haider

The book is entitled “And how we hate!”. What is the difference between hatred and anger for you?It's not my job and I don't even trust myself to differentiate between hatred and anger ... I'm not a psychologist. In addition, it has no relevance for literature (in general). It is interesting, however, that the arts in general seem to be increasingly devoted to the subjects of hatred and anger. Although this is something that the right-wing, and especially men, believe this area is theirs. It's just not like that. And now there is resistance from every imaginable direction.

The anthology is devoted to the subject of hatred and the feeling of hating someone or something in a very heterogeneous manner. Could you tell us a little about the context of the creation and the selection of texts and contributors?A few years ago, hate speech became one of my writing “specialties” - since then I also had in mind to gather women who were equally capable of doing this with their hate speech in a book or at events. That came about in conversations with Esther Straganz, who worked with me on the novel “On the ball. Against hereditary idiocy”. And when Tanja Raich knocked on my door and asked if I would like to publish an anthology with texts by women, it was clear: If so, then it has to be this hate speech book. But I didn't want to contribute any text myself - apart from the foreword - because I think that you don't “invite” yourself, just as you don't publish in your own publishing house or appear at your own festival ... a no-go for me.

Hate is a deeply human feeling. What's the point of hating - in other words, what is the point of hate, in your opinion?Far be it from me to judge the sense of hatred in general. In literature, in my texts, I dedicate myself to hatred, as it is over-present in the present and at the same time has fallen into the wrong hands. What is at the center of society and what moves people - in a visibly wrong direction - has to be taken up, reworked umpteen times, and things turned around.

How would you describe the anthology “And how we hate!” For interested readers?The book offers the greatest possible range of hatred at the highest level: exaggerated and / or ironic as well as narrative texts, but also serious things. Without borders, without subject limits, without macho gestures.

The individual texts in the anthology are devoted to different topics. Is there a message that is particularly important to you and that applies to all texts?To paraphrase Ebow, taste my blood. Yes, that is how the title of the book should have been. But the literary establishment cannot be expected to do so much.

And how we hate
15 hate speech
Ed. Lydia Haider

Kremayr & Scheriau 2020
160 pages
19.90 euros