Is it healthy not to eat meat?

Knowledge Is It Healthy Not To Eat Meat?

Yes, it can be healthy not to eat meat! A lacto-ovo vegetarian diet - a vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy products - is wholesome and healthy. Called: We don't actually need meat on our menu to absorb all the important nutrients.

Red meat in particular often has a bad image because, in addition to an unhealthy fatty acid profile, it also contains cholesterol and purines, which have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system and are involved in the development of obesity and numerous metabolic diseases. Especially if you choose cheap meat from the discounter. Nevertheless, it is by no means a contradiction in terms to claim that meat can also enhance a balanced diet.

Enjoy meat without frustration

  • You don't have to say goodbye to the barbecue season in the Stadtpark or the favorite steakhouse around the corner: The positive side of the meat medal shines with its great iron, iodine and selenium content and provides a whole vitamin B complex - especially with red meat.
  • But also and especially with meat: (organic) quality pays off! Try a steak from an Bioland slaughterhouse and you will be rewarded - not only with positive karma, but also with unspeakable indulgence. Sure, for a piece of meat that meets the standards of the EU organic regulation, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. However, it gets dizzying for the average consumer when 250 g of beef should also be in harmony with the rhythms of nature - according to the Demeter mantra. In principle, of course, great and a real luxury, but not a must.
  • In addition to its healthy production, the value of meat to us also depends entirely on how much we eat. So here's the compromise: 1-2 times a week you reward yourself with a high-quality piece of game or poultry meat, ideally after intensive training.