Why do churros explode

When the churro explodes in front of the palate ...

Churros are delicious! But they can literally become real fat bombs. And I'm not talking about calories. In any case, I will first keep my hands off the gourmet bites baked in fat and rolled in sugar - at least at home. Why? Because that's really too dangerous for me.

Anyone who has never tried churros should definitely do so at the next fair, grocer's market or folk festival. I love her. So much so that I really wanted to get some at the last autumn market shortly before the end. But unfortunately the booth had already closed. Then the idea came up, it can't be that difficult to make churros yourself.

All right then. We looked for a suitable recipe with the chef and off we went. Bring water to the boil, stir in flour, salt and a dash of oil, knead everything well and then let it cool. Since I didn't have a suitable press, I simply formed thin sausages out of them with my hands and sunk them in hot sunflower oil.

Everything went well too. Little by little I was able to fish for delicious crispy churros. With plenty of sugar on it, the parts tasted almost like the professional version from the market. Perfect.

Now the bitter end: the last oil pot filling was tough. Just before I wanted to get the last of the churros out, one of them exploded. The entire kitchen was beautifully bombarded with hot oil droplets. I got in the way too. Top, pants, table, stove, extractor hood, floor, everything full.

As if by a miracle, the oil droplets weren't quite so hot that they could have damaged my delicate skin. Only one or two places turned a little red. The exploded churro lay in tatters next to the pot. Phew, that could have turned out worse :-(

What happened? Presumably, the edge hardened so quickly from deep-frying that the dough could no longer expand inside. And then stop, just with a lot more pressure and momentum.

Before I do that again, I have to think of a cover for the pot or choose a different churro shape. Perhaps cutting in will also help?